WWF San Francisco Show 1990

Hey Scott–

Your last Observer recap talking about Savage/Sherri v. Rhodes/Sapphire brought me back down memory lane; that was the first live show I ever attended, as my best friend and I got to head out to the Cow Palace for some wrasslin’ for my birthday.

It’s funny, because that was one of those shows where Dusty was "out due to injury" so they announce at intermission that the main event changed… to Savage v. Piper (and the place f*&^ing ERUPTED). Finish was Sherri throwing in the loaded purse, only to have Piper intercept and wallop Savage for the pin. Hands down better than anything we would have gotten out of Dream Dust.

The other super-clear memory I have is that Jim Duggan was OVER with that crowd, even though I never really cared for him (even at 12). There were two guys sitting behind us, steeped in kayfabe, and I’ll never forget the quote I overheard:

"Jim Duggan has the most amazing right-hands I’ve ever SEEN."

An Observer flunky, for sure!

P.S. My heart goes out to you over the Jays; Who knows, maybe they’ll do what only one other team in history has done and come back from 3-0 in the ALCS. At least your team didn’t get bounced by the Cubs, who just now remembered they’re the Cubs, and look to get ousted by God’s Proof That He Hates Us, the Los Angeles Dodgers…

​Yeah, but we’re only a year removed from the famous Back to the Future prediction of the Cubs winning, so this might still be the year. Lord knows when the Jays go I’ll be hoping that it’s at least a historic win for the Cubs.

Glad that the recap brought back memories! This again raises the question of why they didn’t just do a Piper-Savage feud, because it would have been great.​