WWF Wrestling Challenge – February 19th, 1989

February 19, 1989

From the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, AZ

Your hosts are Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

This week, we will get a special WrestleMania V report. Plus, the featured match between Jim Neidhart and the Honky Tonk Man and more!


Demolition vs. Chip Atkinson & Dusty Wolfe

Demolition starts off by beating on Wolfe as Heenan talks about the Brainbusters eventually becoming Tag Team Champions. Atkinson tags and does not fare any better then Demolition puts him away with the Decapitation (2:47).

Thoughts: A quick squash to put over Demolition. Heenan also mentioned that his team would be the next Tag Team Champions as seeds for a feud against the winner at WrestleMania V were planted here too.


WWF Special Report with Gene Okerlund. Its the same WrestleMania V report we saw on Superstars.


King Haku w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Omar Atlas

Gorilla is now solo on commentary. Haku overpowers Atlas to start. Atlas works the arm for a bit then they trade chops until Haku takes him down with a hip toss then gets the win with a thrust kick (2:21).

Thoughts: A quick win for Haku as he is also searching for a feud.


The clip of DiBisae at Betteridge Jewelers we saw from Superstars of Wrestling is shown.


“Rugged” Ronnie Garvin vs. Lou Fabiano

We hear from Garvin in an insert promo as he talks about doing things his way as he beats on Fabiano. Garvin stays in control then beats Fabiano with a piledriver (2:10).

Thoughts: They are making Garvin a no-nonsense babyface who refuses to back down. Its a fine character but even at this stage it doesnt seem that he will rise higher than the lower midcard.


Event Center is next as its the same interviews we saw from Superstars of Wrestling hyping up the March show in Nashville.  In fact, all of the Event Center segments here where the same from that show so I will not mention when thy


“The Outlaw” Ron Bass vs. Steve Stone

The fans laugh at Bass’s bald head as he attacks Stone. We hear from Bass in an insert promo as he is upset about the lack of respect people are giving him and his opponents will pay for making fun of his bald head. Bass then puts Stone away with the gordbuster and hangs Stone over the top rope (2:03).

Thoughts: The gimmick now for Bass is to have him get pissed when people make fun of his bald head. He certainly did well in the role but he was gone from the company in a month.


Hulk Hogan tells Savage we will find out how macho he is at WrestleMania. Hogan says Savage does not have the time to plan his scam and he planned his fate when he attacked him with the title belt. Hogan says he is the best champion ever and that he never had lust for Elizabeth and just wanted her for a manager but now its just between Savage and himself then talks about carrying the load for the Mega Powers. These pre-taped dueling promos between Hogan and Savage have been brilliant. This is easily the biggest feud the company has had since Andre/Hogan.


The Bushwhackers vs. Tim Patterson & Black Knight

The Bushwhackers march around before the match. The Bushwhackers beat on Knight as we see them in an insert promo talking about their article in WWF Magazine. Patterson tags as Heenan says he will be managing a champion shortly. The Bushwhackers beat on Patterson and hit the battering ram before putting him away with a double gutbuster (2:44).

Thoughts: The Bushwhackers are getting a solid push and the fans have really been taken to them.


Lord Alfred Hayes welcomes Andre the Giant and Bobby Heenan to the interview platform. Heenan said he originally did not care about having a special guest referee assigned to Andre’s match against Jake Roberts at WrestleMania but never thought it would be Big John Studd. Heenan goes off on Studd, who comes out and gets on the platform. Studd and Andre have a staredown as Andre smiles. Its pretty obvious after this segment that we will get a Studd/Andre feud after WrestleMania V.


Ultimate Warrior vs. Steve Sharkey

Warrior beats on Sharkey as the crowd is going nuts for him. He hits a big boot then uses a lifting choke as Heenan says he has a way of beating Warrior at WrestleMania. We then hear from Rude in an insert promo as he taunts Warrior about laying him out after the pose down at the Royal Rumble as Warrior gets the win with a press slam/splash combo (1:15).

Thoughts: The Warrior was incredibly over here as they hype his title defense against Rude at WrestleMania. Not that it mattered but the work in this match was atrocious.


Savage tells Hogan he is not a macho man who would steal a manager from his partner or have jealously running through his body. Savage says he hit Hogan with his belt because he knew Hogan did not have the guts to challenge him so he resorted to publicly humiliating him. Savage says Elizabeth will be in his corner and that he was pulling the load for the Mega Powers while Hogan was showboating. Savage says that Hulkamania is a sickness filled with jealously, envy, and lust and after WrestleMania, Hulkamania will finally die. Awesome promo from Savage here. He was incredible in this feud.


Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart

Honky bails as Neidhart charges after him. He ducks underneath the ropes but Neidhart fires away. Neidhart follows with an atomic drop then knocks him down as Honky bails again. Neidhart chases Honky around but gets kicked trying to pull him back outside. Honky beats on Neidhart but gets caught in a bearhug. Greg Valentine runs in and attacks Neidhart for the DQ (3:19). Valentine puts on the figure four leg lock after turning around his shinguard but Bret Hart runs out for the save.

Thoughts: The action was not good at all but it appears these teams will be facing off at WrestleMania. It was a bit weird how the Hart Foundation’s feud with the Rougeaus was abruptly dropped so they could feud with Honky & Bret.


Next week in action we will have more comments from Hogan and Savage. Plus, more WrestleMania V matches will be announced and the featured match is Brutus Beefcake vs. Dino Bravo as we get pre-recorded comments from both guys to hype that up.


Here is my schedule for the rest of the week:

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Thursday: RF Video Shoot Interview with David Crockett

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