3 Wrestlers, 3 Questions

1.) Reading the Observers, I can understand why the WWF didn’t put the Heavyweight title on Ted Dibiase. But why no shot at the IC title?

2.) In his prime, just how popular/good was Tommy Rich? It seems like if it was for his short NWA reign, he would be completely forgotten.

3.) Just how popular/good/respected was Jacques Rougeau, to the point that even Hogan let him have a win over him. I watched his entire WWF run and even his brief WCW run, and despite having a tag team and IC title reign he always seemed like a JTTS to me, although a fun one.

​1. Dibiase was considered to be way above the IC title almost as soon as he got there. It would have been really pointless to put that title on him because it was more about getting newer guys over at that time, and Dibiase was already over. Now, by the time Kerry Von Erich was crashing and burning, I could have seen Dibiase winning it from him and transitioning to Bret.

2. Up until the 90s, he was a great worker who was tremendously over as a top babyface star everywhere he went in the South. He would definitely not be forgotten.

3. He was more popular and respected in Quebec, obviously, where he was a legend in the area before jumping to the WWF. By that point he was actually kind of past his prime and the whole Rougeau Brothers act was not Jacques at his best. I’d actually recommend Patrick Laprade’s excellent book on Montreal wrestling​, which I’ve been reading for the past little while, as the Rougeau family is obviously talked about there in detail.