Strong Style Saturday Thread


It’s the weekend, BABY!

  • Daniel Bryan is this week’s guest on Mauro Ranallo’s Rutten & Ranallo podcast
  • It’s been announced that – G1 Finals aside – last Monday’s NJPW King of Pro Wrestling show drew the largest attendance for the company at Ryougoku Sumo Hall since 2000.
  • The TNA shitshow has reached the business section of the New York Post
  • If you haven’t already heard, Matt Sydal absence from NJPW’s Destruction shows in late September was due to being arrested at Kansai airport (Osaka) on September 23rd after being found in possession of liquid cannabis. An NJPW official said they were unaware of this at the time as they were unable to contact Sydal. It is almost certain his contract will be terminated. Japanese drug laws are strict and prison time or a permanent ban from entering the country are possible.

Now talk, damn it!