Mid-South Wrestling – April 15th, 1982

February 15, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Jim Ross

This week, we will see Paul Orndorff vs. Tully Blanchard, Bob Roop vs. Dick Murdoch, and Ernie Ladd & The Assassin vs. Wild Samoans.


Bill Watts talks about Andy Kaufman and calls him a “clown” who has humiliated over 300 women across the country and believed his own type as he challenged Jerry Lawler and got hit with a back suplex and piledriver in ten seconds then taken out on a stretcher. Watts used this to put over how tough professionals wrestlers were.


One Man Gang vs. Tony Torres & Terry Gibbs

Gang overpowers Gibbs to start. Torres tags as Gang rakes him across the face and hammers away in the corner. Gibbs breaks up a lifting choke as both men are now hammering away on Gang but that fails. Gibbs then breaks up a bearhug but gets shoved in the corner then Gang puts Torres away with a splash (3:00).

Thoughts: They are now building up Gang through handicapped matches, which is a strong idea.


Bob Roop vs. Dick Murdoch

This is Murdoch’s first appearance since getting attacked by Akbar’s men. Roop attacks Murdoch before the bell. Murdoch fights back as Akbar is now at ringside. Murdoch gets dumped outside as Akbar rolls him back inside as Roop drops an elbow. Murdoch gets his knees up on a splash then drops an elbow and hammers away. Roop rolls outside as Akbar helps him but Murdoch grabs his shovel and knocks out Akbar. Murdoch then chases Roop away as he is wearing his helmet and the ref counts Roop out (2:34) *.

Thoughts: A good way to re-establish Murdoch and to play up the Roop/Akbar relationship. Roop used the One Man Gang to help him defeat Ted DiBiase for the North American Heavyweight Title and the fact Akbar came out here during the match is hinting that Roop is part of his stable.


Tully Blanchard vs. Paul Orndorff

Blanchard hammers away to start. Orndorff catches him with a hip toss as Blanchard retreats into the corner. Orndorff starts working the arm for a bit as the announcers talk a little about the previous match. Blanchard does not break cleanly then hits an elbow smash from the middle rope. Orndorff blocks a suplex and hits one of his own then puts on a Boston Crab but Blanchard is able to escape. Blanchard locks on the figure four but Orndorff eventually reverses that then Bob Roop comes out and hits Orndorff with a knee smash from the top rope for the DQ (4:36) **. Roop & kicks Orndorff out of the ring then pats Blanchard on the back as they leave together.

Thoughts: Good action while it lasted. Blanchard looked credible here and they continued the feud between Orndorff and Roop. They also teased something with Blanchard and Roop, perhaps Roop will mentor him?


Larry Higgens vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

They start off fighting over a test-of-strength. Higgens punches Sharpe in the throat and follows with a clothesline. Sharpe takes control after rolling away from an elbow drop. Higgens decks Sharpe and hits a scoop slam then they lockup again and Sharpe catches Higgens with a bearhug for the win (2:29).

Thoughts: Dull action. Sharpe had the size but very slow and lumbering in the ring and its easy to see how he ended up as enhancement talent a few years later.


We are shown a replay from last week when The Assassin came out to save Ladd from the Samoans & Akbar and revealed himself as Ladd’s mystery partner.


Before the match, The Assassin is with Ladd and talks about receiving a handsome sum of money from him to return. Assassin then says Akbar called him this morning and offered a lot more money to just walk out of the ring and not be his partner. Assassin says money is the name of the game and Akbar paid him better as he leaves as Ladd then leaves and goes to look for a partner. We cut to the announcers then Ladd comes back with Iron Mike Sharpe as his partner. This puts over just how powerful Akbar is that he can get what he wants. Plus, The Assassin is an underwhelming choice for a mystery partner anyway so they can advance the story between Ladd and Akbar while building up to a better partner for Ladd.


Ernie Ladd & Iron Mike Sharpe vs. Wild Samoans w/ Skandor Akbar

These teams are brawling as soon as the bell rings. The Assassin then comes back and drags Sharpe outside. He loads up his mask and headbutts Sharpe before heading inside of attack Ladd. However, Orndorff runs out as the fans go ballistic and he ends up clearing the ring with Ladd (1:02).

Thoughts: The fans went nuts for Orndorff here as he is a much bigger deal than the Assassin was at this point


We come back and get to see a match between Harley Race and Terry Taylor from Florida joined in progress with Gordon Solie on commentary. Race dominated the entire time and got the win with a suplex. Race would be coming in for the Superdome Show a few weeks down the road.


Buddy Landel vs. Jesse Barr

These guys start off battling for position as the announcers talk about the previous match. Landel works the arm as Akbar is on commentary and gloats about giving the Assassin a big contract then tells Murdoch wait until he gets through with him and it will be worse than what happened to Killer Karl Kox. Back to the match as Landel hits a gutwrench suplex as Pierce runs down the show for next week as Ross talks about how Akbar has something up his sleeve as time runs out (3:06).

Thoughts: Solid action but this was just the standby match and the time was primarily used to build up Akbar and his feuds.


Final Thoughts: This was a really good show with a lot of interesting angle advancements. Nothing stood out in the ring but the top feuds are all intriguing and next week more talent will be coming in such as the debut of Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Mid-South was really a great promotion at this point as it had the talent and the storylines to match.


Here is my schedule for the rest of the week:

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Tuesday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 2/25/89

Wednesday: PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2016, Stage Two 9/3/16

Thursday: RF Video Shoot Interview with David Crockett

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Saturday: Mid-South Wrestling 4/22/82