Vince Russo’s obsession with ‘working’ people


Every once in a while I read a new interview with Russo or read an old WWE/WCW recap and they include references to Russo’s penchant for wanting to work people, and this leads me to questions…

1) why does Russo have such an obsession with working people? Is this something he developed from being a fan, or possibly due to something from his early WWF career? Sure he can write a decent first chapter of a story, but he’d have a habit of turning storylines into a ‘shoot’ or making inside references that even hardcore fans might not care about.

2) who are these for the benefit for? Whatever gave Russo the idea that his attempts at working people would make money or increase interest? Also, when Russo brags about working people, who does he mean? Casual fans? Hardcore fans? The wrestlers? His employer’s? Everyone but him? What is the method to his madness?

The problem is that a few of the things he did drew ratings during a time when the product was already otherwise hot, and he had the benefit of Steve Austin, The Rock, HHH and Undertaker as the top guys while he was booking. So he apparently started thinking that the same approach would work with EVERYTHING, which of course it does not.

Past that, trying to psychoanalyze him is madness, bro.