Women and tag teams

Maybe I’m staying the obvious here, but wouldn’t it make sense to send all the Smackdown women to Raw, and move all the tag teams to Smackdown (unifying the new belts in the process of course)?

Right now Smackdown has 6 female wrestlers and 6 tag teams, which makes for an extremely limited number of match-ups, especially when two or three of the tag teams are complete jobbers (depending on whether or not you think there’s any potential for Hype Bros). I mean, who does Slater/Rhino fight now that they’ve beaten the only viable heal team?

The women are in a slightly better situation, since all five of the ladies are potential contenders for Becky (granted a couple of them are atrocious wrestlers, but they’re all over enough for at least a title match off of pay-per-view). But they’ll run through all the possible combinations very quickly.

So it seems like making the divisions exclusive to one show or the other would make both divisions much stronger, without any downside that I can see. Am I missing something?

​The potential to sell yet another ugly Women’s belt replica? That’s about the only upside I can see for them. ​