Itami injury the problem with NXT

Here you have Hideo Itami (Kenta) a massive star in Japan, forced to compete in NXT to "learn WWE style" and he’s injured and maybe done as a big star because he’s wrestling green rookies at house shows. Could you imagine if Joe, Nakamura, Aries, Roode, and guys like that, cut who cut their teeth in major promotions for a decade, get hurt by rookies. Isn’t AJ proof that guys with experience in ROH/TNA/Japan don’t need to endure lengthy NXT stays especially with SD desperate for an influx of talent. Put Roode and Aries there as the Dirty Heels. Nakamura and Joe are instant main eventers for AJ to face. What am I missing?

​Trust me, no one else understands it either. ​