Impact Wrestling – October 13, 2016

Impact Wrestling
Date: October 18, 2016
Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: D’Angelo Dinero, Josh Matthews

A lot happened last week with the biggest change of events seeing Eddie Edwards becoming the new TNA World Champion by defeating Lashley. Tonight we have Maria Kanellis’ rematch for the Knockouts Title as she challenges Gail Kim in a No DQ match, though there’s always the chance that Maria’s cronies could screw things up again. Let’s get to it.

We open with a long recap of last week’s show, primarily focusing on Lashley losing the World Title.

Here’s Edwards for his first address as champion. Edwards says he’s worked to get here and the fans tell him he deserves it. He’s fought Lashley a few times now but something was different this time around. Edwards promises to be a fighting champion who will defend this title anywhere anytime and that includes facing Lashley again. Cue Lashley who quickly beats Edwards down and demands a referee out here for a rematch. Instead it’s Moose and Ethan Carter III for the save as Lashley leaves. That’s not exactly the best way to showcase the new champion but at least he didn’t lose the title yet.

The Tribunal wants to see Billy Corgan but get Aiden O’Shea instead. The boss hasn’t been impressed with them lately and they’re on the bubble. O’Shea advises them to do something to impress Corgan and soon.

Corgan says Lashley has just lost his automatic title rematch. Now that’s actually interesting. I’m glad we don’t immediately have to sit through Lashley getting yet another shot just because he was champion a week ago.

Grand Championship: Aron Rex vs. Jesse Godderz

Rex is defending and Godderz is coming in with a hamstring injury. They hit the mat to start and exchange some early headlocks as Josh and Pope argue over who is closer to Corgan. Jesse’s rollup gets two but he grabs at his hamstring on the kickout. The round wraps up with Godderz working on the arm and that’s enough to win the round.

A frustrated Rex rolls Jesse up a few times to start the second round, only to get caught in the Adonis Lock. Rex grabs the ropes but Jesse works on the arm some more as the round ends. Godderz wins round two and we take a break before the final round. Back with Rex being a bit less aggressive than you would expect and forearming Godderz outside. Jesse is smart enough to sit on the floor and eat up some time, only to have Rex kick him in the hamstring on the way back inside. The Revelator retains Rex’s title at 13:15 (including commercial and time between rounds).

Rating: D+. So they seem to already be teasing a Rex heel turn. To be fair he’s been a champion for a whole eleven days and that’s WAY too long for a face to be a good guy around here. I really don’t need yet another heel around here but it’s not like Rex is interesting as a guy in trunks so maybe it’s for the best.

Lashley tells O’Shea he has a surprise later tonight.

The Hardys talk about getting things back to where they were a year ago, which Jeff thinks means they’re even again. Matt says no because he can only indulge his addiction for one night only. Jeff seems a bit more like his old self here.

Allie gets an e-mail from someone (presumably Corgan) saying everyone is banned from ringside for Maria’s title defense. Maria freaks out and yells at Allie for not telling her.

Lashley interrupts Moose and Ethan Carter III and tells them that they’re in the main event tonight.

Here are the Hardys for a chat. Matt says he set his brother on an odyssey to regain the Tag Team Championships of the World and that debt was repaid at Bound For Glory. They’re the best team in the world, including the Bucks of Youth and the Day of the New. Jeff sings the theme song and Matt makes noises because he’s having a pre-mo-nition: there will be new #1 contenders crowned tonight in the Zone of Impact. Cue the Tribunal to jump the Hardys from behind.

Video on Mike Bennett vs. Cody. Bennett isn’t pleased with Cody showing up and trying to make an impact. Tonight they’ll settle things in the ring.

Cody vs. Mike Bennett

Feeling out process to start with Cody grabbing a sunset flip for two but missing the Beautiful Disaster. With Bennett on the floor, Cody hits a springboard dive to take him out in a big crash. Maria offers a distraction though and Mike gets in an elevated DDT off the barricade. Since it’s 2016, that’s not even enough for a close call though as Cody is back in by eight.

A dropkick gets two for Mike but Cody starts his comeback with some forearms and an Alabama Slam. The Beautiful Disaster connects but Bennett ducks the moonsault press. Instead it’s a Pedigree from Bennett for another near fall, only to have Cody take him down and try what looks like a Figure Four. Maria offers another distraction but Cody comes right back with Cross Rhodes for the pin at 8:45.

Rating: C+. Cody looked like his usual self so that’s all well and good, though I’m not wild on having Bennett lose again. He’s just fallen through the floor lately and while he’s still good, there’s no fire to him anymore. I’m also not sure why they had this match so early, other than giving Cody his title match way too soon.

Moose is ready for Ethan.

X-Division Title: Marshe Rockett vs. DJZ

Rockett is challenging and we get a quick video package on him before the match. Marshe is 6’4 and 250lbs so he’s not your normal member of the division. DJZ goes after him in the corner but gets shoved away by the much bigger Rockett. The champ is launched out to the floor and Rockett hits a good looking dropkick back inside. DJZ speeds things up and sends Marshe outside for a flip dive. The ZDT retains the title at 4:48.

Rating: C. Standard X-Division match here, meaning they bring in someone who could be a big deal and take the division by storm and then he loses in his first singles match because there’s no time to build up a story or interest in a match. DJZ is a good champion but he’s running through the division way too fast.

Bennett says he’ll have Maria’s back tonight but Allie says he’s banned as well.

Knockouts Title: Maria Kanellis-Bennett vs. Gail Kim

Kim is defending, there are no disqualifications and Madison Rayne is on commentary. If Maria loses, she’s out of power in the Knockouts division. Maria tries to bring in some weapons but is quickly thrown to the floor. Gail puts her in a dumpster and sends her flying down the ramp into the post. Back in and Maria uses some trashcan lids to take over, followed by a spinebuster for two. A kendo stick shot puts Maria down but Gail lets her up at two. Instead Gail goes with Eat Defeat into a trashcan lid to retain at 4:57.

Rating: D. I’m really hoping that’s it as there’s no reason for this to keep going otherwise. Maria is out of power and Gail can be our glorious champion because that’s how the world is supposed to work. I’m not sure who is left to challenge Gail unless they can somehow get us to her vs. Allie, who was the biggest deal in the division for a bit.

Eli Drake tells Ethan not to choke tonight.

Cody comes up to see Eddie Edwards in the back and asks if he’ll be ok for their title match next week. Eddie says he’ll be fine and they’re cool.

We get a vignette with a clock spinning. Three men in masks are sitting behind a table covered in masks. They’re bringing clarity and order to Impact and they’re not afraid to take a stand.

Moose vs. Ethan Carter III

The winner of this faces Lashley in a #1 contenders match. They start fast with both guys going for their finishers early on. An exchange of dropkicks goes better for Moose and they head outside with Carter taking over off some forearms to the chest. Moose is right back with a bicycle kick to the face and an AA onto the apron for good measure. Back in and Carter missile dropkicks Moose down and it’s time to chop it out. A pop up powerbomb and senton give Moose two but Carter is right back up with a Stinger Splash. The chokebomb sets up a discus lariat to the back of Carter’s head for the pin at 7:43.

Rating: C+. This was a bit better than I was expecting and it makes sense to have Moose go forward like this. We’ve seen Carter fighting for the title for well over a year now and it’s time for someone else to get a shot in that spot instead. Moose vs. Lashley should be fun, though I would wait a bit longer than a week for that showdown.

Lashley comes out to stare down Moose as the show ends.

Overall Rating: C. That’s one of their better shows in a while as TNA actually did a few things. Unfortunately though they did a lot of things in one week that could have been stretched out for several weeks, which has always been a problem for them. The World Title scene feels hotter than it has in months and there’s some interesting stuff going on elsewhere. This felt a lot more energetic than most of their shows and that’s a good thing.


Aron Rex b. Jesse Godderz – Revelator

Cody b. Mike Bennett – Cross Rhodes

DJZ b. Marshe Rockett – ZDT

Gail Kim b. Maria Kanellis-Bennett – Eat Defeat into a trashcan lid

Moose b. Ethan Carter III – Discus lariat to the back of the head


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