Morbid Questions

Had some of these guys stayed alive, do you think they still had successful WWE runs left in them?

Brian Pillman– Do you figure he at least would have feuded with Steve Austin for the title sometime between 98′-99′?

Hard to say, because his ankle was basically destroyed and putting him into a main event spot with the golden goose was a risky proposition. I’d say "Maybe".

Rick Rude– Anyway he comes back to WWE after the Monday Night Wars ended?

​He was training to do exactly that, so YES. ​

British Bulldog– Any chance he comes back for one last run with his son?

​Again, he was likely going to do exactly that, so YES. ​

Owen Hart– Does he retire or as planned or do you think he sticks around in the early 2000s to keep making money?

​I’m pretty sure that he would have ended up with a World title at some point in the "give them out like candy" era. Plus wrestlers never actually retire. ​

Curt Hennig– Would they have forgiven him for the millionth time and brought him back for another nostalgia run?

​I don’t see why not. ​

Randy Savage- Would he be in the HOF by now if he was still alive?

​He is in the Hall of Fame. It was a pretty big deal. ​

Chris Benoit- Had he not you know…Would he still be a main eventer or at least part time main eventer today?

​Doubtful. His neck was shot and he was being phased into a training role, and he probably would have ended up running NXT. ​

Eddy Guerrero- Feels like him vs Daniel Bryan in 2013/2014 could have been cool?

​Perhaps, but it’s not like saving Eddie that one time in 2005 would repair his heart. He was living on borrowed time. ​Plus he was very, VERY beat up in general and likely only had a year left in him at the point when he died.

Road Warrior Hawk– One last LOD run and potential feud with the Dudley Boyz in mid 2000s?

​Well Vince brought Animal back as a single, so why not? ​