Hell in a Cezzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hi Scott

Given that we now have, it seems, THREE HiaC matches announced (so far) for Hell in a Cell, I think it’s safe to say the concept of the Cell as a special attraction, already on its last legs, is now pretty much extinct.

Do you think there’s any way to make a Cell match actually feel special now? Is there any alternative other than simply retiring it for a while and then bringing it back as a surprise feud-ender further down the line, or does the "first ever women’s HiaC" billing add some extra interest for you?

​The women in the Cell match holds no interest for me, and sure as s--- Seth Rollins v. Kevin Owens is not a match that should be in a Cell by any measure. And yeah, they should have retired the concept a while ago unless they had something like the Brock v. Undertaker match that actually warranted it.​