Hell in a Cell Injuries and Blood

Hi, Scott.

Are you worried about potential injuries in any of the three cell matches given the participants involved, particularly the women not wanting to be outshone?

Also, do you think there should be blood in the women’s match to further Foley’s talk about making history? After Orton-Lesnar, you wrote, "I don’t mind the occasional blade in a big match where it’s something like Hell in a Cell and you know what you’re getting into…I really don’t miss blood all that much, to be honest, and this shows why." The fallout from Orton-Lesnar might make WWE’s decision easier about anyone bleeding, but would the "revolution" be undermined if the women don’t bleed during their match if both men’s matches feature blood?

Good luck in the ALCS and hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

​Why do Sasha and Charlotte even need a Cell match, aside from the fact that it’s that time of the PPV cycle? Or for that matter, how is the Rollins-Owens feud supposed to be heated enough to justify one as well? I could barely even tell you what the finish of their last match was, and that was just a couple of weeks ago!

Also, we don’t want Owens to be bleeding, because then there’d be chicken grease all over the ring and guys could slip and hurt themselves. ​