The Goozle

was Johnny Polo the first guy that use the term “goozle” for Undertaker’s choke?

I saw an old Coliseum video yesterday (“The Face of Fear”) and there’s a match between Crush and Taker on there (I believe it’s one of those typical “exclusive” dark matches). during the match there’s a scene in which Taker being thrown in the ringcorner and chokes Crush.

Polo: “he’s got him in the goozle!”

Monsoon: “the what?”

Polo: “the goozle, he’s goozling him by the neck!”

that makes it sound like that term hasn’t been used before. has it?

I think I can recall other announcers using the term in the 80s. However it certainly seems to have been popularized by Undertaker’s matches. Wikipedia redirects from the word to “chokeslam”, for example.  So I dunno, maybe Polo did invent it?

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