Network SportsCenter

I know this is far-fetched, but bear with me:

Based on the working relationship between WWE and ESPN, don’t you think it would be possible for them to produce a daily half-hour "SportsCenter" show for the network to air live at like 7 AM EST, then repeat all morning, like ESPN used to do with SC? Or maybe do it at 5 or 5:30?

It just seems like they’re missing the boat on producing live original content more regularly for the network that is wrestling related, and not just wrestling. They’ve got the studio, they’ve got the talking heads, why not do more with it, especially if they’re thinking about adding EVOLVE, PROGRESS, TNA, and ROH programming to the line-up?

​We’ve been saying that since the start of the Network. In fact, I’m pretty sure they ANNOUNCED something along those lines at the very beginning and then just never followed up on it. I feel like Edge & Christian should host and could do a "snark the news" show about all the goings-on and it would be AWESOME.​