Premium WWE channel

Hey Scott.

With the amazing sounding possible network upgrade, what do you think it would take for WWE to move both Raw and Smackdown over? How many subscribers would they need in order to offset the loss of income from USA?

Those two shows are literally the only reason I still have a cable plan (technically the PlayStation Vue plan, buts it’s pretty much the same), so I’d pay significantly extra per month if they could just get those shows on there. And I know they do the next day replays on Hulu, but editing out 1/3 of the show is a problem now that they’re removing Cruiserweight matches, plus I really like watching it as close to live as possible. Extra network bonus for Raw and Smackdown: Us poor suckers on the West Coast could actually see the live shows live!

The only way that would ever happen is if USA cancels both shows and kicks WWE off kicking and screaming. Otherwise, the Network revenue stream is a drop in the bucket compared to the windfall of money that is the USA rights deal.