Mid-South Wrestling – April 8th, 1982

April 8, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts


Watts starts off the show by running down the Ernie Ladd/Skandor Akbar angle that saw the Wild Samoans turn on Ladd and align with Akbar. This will lead to next week when Ladd announces his mystery partner. This was a nice backstory to hype up next week’s big match with the surprise announcement.


One Man Gang w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Mike Boyer

Boyer bounces off of Gang a few times then gets beat down. Gang uses a lifting choke as Watts talks about how JYD has been studying Gang, trying to find a weakness, as Gang hits a slam then gets the win with a splash (1:35).

Thoughts: They have done a great job at building up Gang as an unstoppable monster thus far and I liked how Watts mentioned that JYD has been looking to find any sort of weakness in Gang, who is coming after his Louisiana Heavyweight Title.


Wild Samoans vs. Iron Mike Sharpe & Buddy Landell

Before the match, Akbar demands to know who is Ladd’s mystery partner as the ring announcer tells him to go see matchmaker Grizzly Smith. We get a bunch of stalling to start off this match. Sharpe & Landell then work the arm of Afa for a while. Sharpe catches Afa with a bearhug as this match slows down even more, which I did not think could have been possible at this point. Sharpe gets hit in the throat but gets away and tags as Landell runs wild. Afa catches Landell with a clothesline from the apron then Sika hits a Samoan Drop for the win (5:48) 1/2*.

Thoughts: This match sucked. The only time it was even watchable was when Landell was in the ring. Sharpe was just awful here and is slow and lumbering offense was a bore.


Ladd is now in the ring. Akbar runs in and demands to know who will be his surprise partner. They yell as Ladd attacks Akbar, to the delight of the crowd. The Samoans run in to beat on Ladd but this was a set up for Ladd’s mystery partner, the Assassin, to come in and help Ladd clear the ring. Ladd then tells us he is tired of talking and wants a fight as he brags about outsmarting Akbar. Well, now we know the mystery partner. The crowd did not react that crazy to the Assassin but it did get some cheers. The important thing is that Ladd is getting over as a babyface now.


Tully Blanchard vs. Coco Samoa

Tully beats on Coco to start. Coco takes Tully over with a headscissors then works the arm for a while. Tully escapes and hits a gutbuster then grabs a chinlock. Tully yanks Coco to the floor by his tights but Coco fights back from the apron and gets a nearfall with a springboard sunset flip. Coco then tries another leaping move but Tully hotshots him then gets the win with a vertical suplex (5:08) *1/2.

Thoughts: Match was alright but it gave Tully a needed win on TV. Both guys are fairly low on the pecking order in the territory.


Wayne Ferris vs. Junkyard Dog

Watts mentions that Grizzly Smith is in the midst of organizing a bench press contest as Ferris takes control of the match. JYD fights back after hulking up and puts Ferris away with a powerslam (3:07) 3/4*.

Thoughts: This was really bland and the crowd was not even into this, despite the fact the most over babyface in the promotion was in the match.


Bob Roop vs. Jesse Barr

The crowd is taunting Roop with Paul Orndorff chants. The match starts off on the mat as Barr takes control, to the surprise of Roop. Barr then uses a pair of cradles for a nearfall as Roop retreats to the corner. Roop cheap shots Barr after a break then hits a backbreaker. Roop stretches out Barr for a bit. Barr escapes then ducks a punch and gets two with a German suplex in an impressive spot as Roop reaches the ropes. Roop cheap shots Barr yet again and shortly after that puts him away with a leg drop (4:26) **1/4.

Thoughts: This was a fun, little match. Barr really looked good here and much better than he did four years later as the goofy Jimmy Jack Funk character in the WWF. Roop was also great here too in selling for Barr.


Ron Cheatham vs. Mr. Olympia

This is the standby match. Olympia works the arm as Watts talks about Oklahoma University Senior Steve Williams and how great he is at football and wrestling. Watts then decides to talk about several amateur wrestling programs as Olympia takes Cheatham down with a dragon screw. Cheatham manages a bit of offense but Olympia fights back the the bell rings, signaling the end of the show (3:40).

Thoughts: The action was not exciting as this was really a backdrop for Watts to talk about collegiate athletics.


Final Thoughts: The Akbar/Ladd feud remains strong as we see who Ladd has as his mystery partner. However, the rest of the show was forgettable and the action wasn’t that great either. Anyway, next week’s show should be wild with Ladd & Assassin vs. Wild Samoans.


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