Handshake Deal? With Vince?

Hi Scott,

Just pigging backing on what the guy wrote. Back in the days before Ks, was there anything keeping Vince from absolutely ripping the hell off the wrestlers he worked with? If not, and considering the history of that occurring in other territories, is it a question of whether Vince ripped off his wrestlers or how much did Vince rip off his wrestlers?

​Well look at what Vince is doing to his guys now, making millions off the Network and not paying them a dime off it. That’s pretty scummy. On the other hand, Vince was I think more than fair to guys who worked Wrestlemania, or guys who worked shows under Hogan (or with Hogan). But no, there was certainly nothing to keep him from taking advantage of people, and I’m sure he did. Until those upstanding gentlemen in the Clique banded together for the good of the business. God bless them. God bless America! Vote Trump! Good night, Wisconsin!