PWG Thirteen

July 29, 2016

From the American Legion Post #308 in Reseda, CA

Your hosts are Excalibur & Chris Hero


Brian Cage vs. Adam Cole

Cage is filling in for Tommy End here. Cole makes the ring announcer refer to him as the “strongest man in the ring.” Cole challenges Cage to a test-of-strength so Cage gets on his knees, prompting a “suck his dick” chant (In PWG, Cole will yell “suck my dick” to taunt his opponent before attacking them). Cage then grabs Cole’s hands and yanks him back-and-forth. Cage overpowers Cole then hits an overhead slam after curling him ten times. Cole rolls outside after getting tossed across the ring so Cage follows and roughs him up. Cage powerbombs Cole into the ring post then poses on the top rope. Cage deadlifts Cole inside for a superplex but Cole floats over and cuts Cage off with a kick. Cole works over the leg as he rams it into the post. Cage tries to fight back but Cole is able to apply the figure four. Cage breaks that with a chop to the chest as both men are down. Cage is up first and hits a clothesline. He then hits a Flatliner but Cole cuts him off with a Mafia kick. Cage ducks a move and gets two with a pumphandle driver. Cole comes back with a super kick then hits a Shining Wizard for a nearfall. Cole hits another super kick after hitting a German suplex then gets a nearfall with a straight-jacket suplex. Cole calls for the Panama Sunrise but Cage catches him and hits an Alabama Slam. Cage tries for a move in the corner but Cole floats over and they have some miscommunication that leads to Cole using a reverse rollup and putting his hand on the rope for the win (11:37) **1/2.

Thoughts: Certainly not the strongest opener in PWG history. These two struggled to get on the same page, especially near the end, and they started to lose the crowd as a result.


Roderick Strong vs. Timothy Thatcher

The crowd is hot for Strong’s final PWG appearance. These two go back-and-forth to start as they mostly stay on the mat. Strong takes control as he places Thatcher in the corner and nails him with a bicycle knee lift. They fight up top where Thatcher slaps Strong off then hits a pair of deadlift gutwrench suplexes. Strong comes back with a suplex toss then hits a back suplex for two. Strong nails Thatcher in the jaw and places him up top for a superplex then gets two with a gutbuster but as Thatcher kicks out he puts Strong in the Fujiwara armbar. Strong reaches the ropes as Thatcher hammers away. Thatcher headbutts Strong down then puts the Fujiwara armbar on again but Strong escapes and hits the sick kick then pulls down his knee brace and hits a jumping knee smash for the win (10:50) **3/4.

Thoughts: Solid match but nothing more. Strong was over with the crowd, who chanted for and at him all match long. The end was anti-climatic as Thatcher continues his underwhelming 2016.


Jeff Cobb vs. Trevor Lee

Joey Ryan has replaced Hero on commentary. Lee taunts the crowd by calling himself a TNA Superstar as a “f--- TNA” chant breaks out. Cobb overpowers Lee to start. Lee then slaps Cobb after putting him down but gets tossed in the corner. Lee hits a jawbreaker then Cobb slams him down and hits a standing shooting star press. Cobb catches Lee’s pescado attempt then trips him up on the apron. He presses Lee on the apron but Lee escapes then hits him with a draping DDT before screaming out “Brother Nero” as he hits a Twist of Fate from the apron, drawing a “delete” chant. Back inside, Cobb is able to toss Lee down but walks into a double stomp as Lee gets two. Cobb stops a tackle attempt then hits rolling gutwrench suplexes as the crowd applauds and chants “he’s a monster.” Lee comes back with a sunset bomb then flies outside over the ring post with a tope con hilo as the crowd chants “holy s---.” Lee hits a few elbow strikes then reverses a crossbody in midair for two. Lee then hits Cobb low and tries for his small package driver butt aht gets blocked. Cobb then catches Lee’s moonsault block attempt and hits the Tour of the Islands for the win (11:23) ***1/4.

Thoughts: Good match. Cobb’s power spots are always over and I get a kick out of Lee’s “TNA Superstar” heel gimmick in PWG. He really does show a lot more personality here than in TNA. Cobb someone to really keep an eye on in 2017. He is rapidly improving.


Chuck Taylor vs. Trent

Loud “best friends” chant. Trent knocks Taylor down then gives him a hand as they regroup. They hug after a reversal sequence to the delight of the crowd then Taylor rakes Trent across the face as the crowd boos. Trent comes back with a neck snap but Taylor avoids a slingshot boot and ends up hitting a somersault senton. They head outside where Trent throws a chair at Taylor’s face then tells the ref that best friends do not need rules as Trent keeps hitting Taylor with chairs. He suplexes Taylor on top of a pile of chairs then sets up a bunch of chairs facing each other. Trent tries for a powerbomb but Taylor blocks that with a backdrop then powerbombs Trent on top of the chairs. Taylor brings a ladder into the ring along with a few chairs then sets the ladder up across the middle rope. Taylor charges but gets sent into the chair with a drop toehold. Trent gets two with a tiger suplex then lays Trent across the ladder bridge. Trent heads up top but gets cut off then Taylor yanks him off as Trent lands on the ladder. Taylor lays the ladder in the corner and sets up for a running bomb but Trent reverses and hits the Crunchy for a nearfall. They slug it out until then Trent backdrops Taylor into the ladder and Taylor landed badly. Trent follows with a swinging DDT but that only gets two. Trent then pulls out a polka dot pouch from underneath and dumps out its contents on the mats as it is filled with thumbtacks. Trent tries for a superplex on the thumbtacks but Taylor fights him off. Trent heads back up where they fight briefly until Trent takes him off with a hurricarana. Trent follows with a shining wizard as Taylor is able to kick out. Trent picks him up as we see thumbtacks still in Taylor’s back and tries for a tornado DDT but Taylor tosses him off as Trent lands in the thumbtacks then Taylor hits a piledriver for the win (15:47) ****. After the match, they both end up hugging each other.

Thoughts: Probably the best Chuck Taylor match I’ve ever seen. Once they stopped acting like friends and hurting each other, this became great. Some of these spots were sick and it turned into an excellent hardcore match.


Marty Scurll vs. Sami Callihan

Sami is wearing a “space cat” mask as Scurll wants it off. Scurll stomps Callihan after a handshake then Callihan takes off the mask and hits Scurll with a bicycle kick. Callihan claws Scurll across the chest as he has drawn-in whiskers on his face as he is acting like a cat at times. Callihan starts beating the crap out of Scurll while incorporating some cat mannerisms. Callihan nails Scurll with a tope but Scurll ends up finally taking control. Callihan comes back with more clawing then he seats Scurll down where he lays into him with a chop. Callihan charges but stops then claws him again across the chest. They both miss chops and end up hitting the post before Callihan takes Scurll down with a somersault senton. Back inside, Scurll takes control after an eye poke as he stretches out Callihan in the ropes. Scurll grounds Callihan as the crowd starts a “meow” chant. They block kicks as Scurll hits a double underhook superplex for two. Callihan fights back and hits a knee smash in the corner. He then hits a Death Valley Driver and gets two with a clothesline. Callihan now works a nerve hold as Scurll fights out. They slug it out and end up knocking each other down with roundhouse kicks. After some more brawling, Scurll kicks Callihan low then Callihan returns the favor as they are down again. Scurll tries for the chicken wing but Callihan reverses and hits a cradle tombstone for two. Callihan works a crossface but Scurll escapes and kicks Callihan in the face then breaks his fingers. Scurll has Callihan up for a chicken wing but turns it into the chicken wing and gets Callihan to tap out (20:23) **.

Thoughts: The space cat character just didnt work for me. Having it half comedy, half serious match was an odd mix and this should not have lasted twenty minutes long. I appreciate guys trying something new but not everything works.


PWG Tag Team Title Match: Death by Elbow vs. Young Bucks (c)

Before the match, the Young Bucks agreed to give Death by Elbow a title shot. Brian Cage has replaced Ryan on commentary. Dunn and Nick work a reversal sequence to start. Nick hits a cheapshot after a break to Dunn fights back. Nick blocks a sunset flip then repeatedly does the “suck it” taunt until Hero takes him down with an elbow. Hero then takes Matt off of the apron as Death By Elbow works over Nick. Hero takes both Bucks down with a knee smash and teases a dive but the Bucks move out of the way and hit a double super kick. The Bucks hit stereo topes then work over Dunn in the ring. The Bucks take Hero off of the apron as they work over Dunn in their corner. Matt gets two with a cannonball then Hero comes in but gets hit with a super kick. Dunn finally breaks free and makes the tag as Hero just unloads on Matt. Nick runs in and Matt alley-oops him for a hurricarana that looked rough. Dunn hits Matt with a rolling crusher then Hero gets two with a bicycle kick. The match breaks down then Nick hits a slingshot facebuster and a quebrada as he cleans house. Nick heads up top and hits Dunn with a swanton for two then hits mounted punches in the corner. Hero distracts him then Dunn comes back with a rolling elbow. Hero hits a short piledriver then Matt comes in and everyone is woozy as they all attack each other and end up down on the mat. Dunn gets up and hammers away on Nick until Matt pulls him outside and puts him on his shoulders where Nick drills him with a super kick from the apron. Hero gets both of the Bucks inside but ends up eating a double super kick. They set up for the Indytaker as Dunn breaks that up as Death by Elbow ping-pongs Nick with elbow smashes until Matt hits them both with low blows. Hero then steps up and catches Nick as the tried the Meltzer Driver and hits him with a piledriver. Matt gets hit with an elbow sandwich but Nick interferes then Matt uses a backslide on a distracted Hero for the win (22:27) ***1/4.

Thoughts: This match started off hot but it fizzled down the stretch. The last several minutes were a mess and long tag-team matches in PWG always seem to burn out the crowd. Dunn really isnt over with this crowd that much either.


PWG Title Match: Kyle O’Reilly vs. Zack Sabre Jr. (c)

They start off on the mat where they end in a stalemate. The match continues on the mat where they go back-and-forth. O’Reilly decks Sabre with a forearm smash after a break as they now trade strikes until O’Reilly uses a double leg takedown. Sabre scurries to the ropes when O’Reilly puts on an ankle lock but O’Reilly goes back to the leg. Sabre reaches the ropes then kicks O’Reilly down. Sabre stomps O’Reilly in the back of the head before working a headscissors on the mat. Sabre now targets the shoulder but O’Reilly fights back and takes Sabre down with a leg sweep after an awesome combo. O’Reilly takes Sabre down with a dragon screw then sweeps Sabre off of the apron as he was tied up in the ropes. O’Reilly flies off of the apron with a knee smash. Back inside, Sabre takes control and knocks O’Reilly down with a running uppercut as O’Reilly is rolling around in pain as he clutches his shoulder. Sabre gets booed after stomping O’Reilly’s arm then they work a great reversal sequence on the mat. Sabre drops O’Reilly with a half-nelson suplex but O’Reilly catches Sabre in midair with a dragon screw as both men are down. They get up and trade strikes until O’Reilly kicks Sabre in the face. Sabre blocks a suplex and uses a hanging kimura but O’Reilly fights him off and chokes him out before hitting a capture suplex. Cradle suplex gets two. Sabre counters a leg lock and uses a bridging pin for two. O’Reilly destroys Sabre with strikes then in an unbelievable sequence, O’Reilly counters a bridge with a choke but Sabre turns that into a triangle hold until O’Reilly lifts him up and reaches the ropes. Sabre comes back and stomps O’Reilly in the head as that triggers a slugfest. Sabre kicks the arm then puts O’Reilly in the octopus hold as O’Reilly taps out (22:00) ****1/4. After the match, crowd chants “that was awesome.”

Thoughts: Excellent match. This was Sabre’s first title defense as he had to miss his match against Michael Elgin at Prince due to injury. O’Reilly did a fantastic job here selling the shoulder as he remains one of the best workers in the country.


After the match, Strong comes out and attacks both guys. He then grabs the mic and wants his rematch so he can take the PWG Title with him when he leaves then the ref rings the bell.


PWG Title Match: Zack Sabre Jr. (c) vs. Roderick Strong

Strong repeatedly charges at Sabre then hits a back suplex for two. Sabre floats over and works an octopus hold but Strong escapes and hits a buckle bomb. Strong gets two with the Sick Kick then as Sabre comes back with an armbar, the Young Bucks run in and beat on Sabre as its 3 vs. 1. Sabre manages to kick out of a double-team move then O’Reilly and Scurll run in to take out the Bucks as they beat on Strong. Sabre hits the Penalty Kick as that gets two. They trade strikes but Sabre catches Strong in midair with an uppercut. Cole comes out to trip up Sabre as Strong gets two with a knee smash. Sabre fights off both guys then Strong accidentally hits Cole with a high knee and Sabre rolls Strong up for the pin (5:34) **1/2.

Thoughts: The run-ins here made this fun to watch. And Strong finally got his rematch since losing the title and is now gone from PWG.


After this match, Strong talks about how he loves wrestling and that he has spent 11 years in PWG. The crowd chants “thank you” Roddy as he calls out Mount Rushmore 2.0. They tease conflict but end up hugging. Strong then asks the crowd for a beer as O’Reilly gives him a hug. Trent comes out to give Strong a beer as the rest of the locker room heads up while the crowd chants “you deserve it.” Strong then talks about how in two years, everything changed when he decided he had to prove himself as he thanks the crowd for letting him be the wrestler he wanted to be. Strong then said the biggest thing PWG ever gave him was his fiance as she’s show with her back to the camera from the announcers position. Strong then thanks everyone as Sabre puts the belt over his shoulder. A nice celebration for Strong as he will be departing for WWE/NXT.


Final Thoughts: I’d call this show a mild disappointment but the end was quite good. One of the weaker PWG offerings of the year but still a quality wrestling show. Check out the main event, Strong celebration, and the Best Friends battle.


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