Observer Flashback Observation

Like everyone else, I’ve been enjoying the Observer Flashback posts immensely. I do hope that you will continue on past 1990.

I know that you mentioned in the past that you are worried that will encroach on Dave’s own archives, but honestly, I think the real value of these is your modern day input, more than Dave’s original notes. I can read Dave’s archives anytime I wish, but it’s your 20/20 hindsight approach, and humorous takes that really make them come to life. It becomes an entirely different thing than reading Dave’s archives cold.

To me, it’s like when Roger Ebert would do a “shot by shot” analysis of films like Vertigo. We could all go out and rent Vertigo anytime we wanted to, but watching Ebert analyze it provided an entirely new (and enhanced) experience.

Just my take. I hope you continue on, because these have become daily “must reads” for me – and many others!

Thanks for the support. Wrestling fandom is a special kind of nerddom where I can go back and review old newsletters about wrestling and have people go crazy for them. As long as I can add something of value and not just regurgitate what Dave wrote, I’ll keep doing them, fear not.
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