WWF Superstars of Wrestling – February 4th, 1989

February 4, 1989

From the Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsville, AL

Your hosts are Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Vince McMahon


Ultimate Warrior vs. Dale Veasey

Warrior beats on Veasey as the announcers talk about the pose down from the Royal Rumble. We then hear from Rick Rude in an insert promo as he tells Warrior he’ll face him anytime then as Warrior puts Veasey away with the press slam/splash combo (2:51).

Thoughts: This was all about getting over the Rude/Warrior feud.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This week’s focus is the Harley Race vs. King Haku match from the Royal Rumble. We then hear from Heenan as he tells us all there is just one king. This signals the end of that feud.


Bret “The Hitman” Hart vs. “Dangerous” Danny Davis w/ Jimmy Hart

Bret beats on Davis to start the match. He stays in control until Davis rolls outside for a breather. Vince then asks Jesse about what happened this “Friday night” as Jesse laughs and said he told us all along. Bret is shown in an insert promo calling out the Honky Tonk Man as Davis is in control. Vince is shocked that the Mega Powers broke up as Jesse says its because a woman got involved and that Hogan always had eyes for Elizabeth. Bret regains control of the match as the announcers continue to talk about the Mega Powers. Bret takes Davis down with an inverted atomic drop then gets the win with a piledriver (3:03). After the match, Hart runs in to attack Bret but that fails as he gets knocked down and bails.

Thoughts: Decent action here as Bret dominated most of the match then ran off his former manager as this feud continues.


Big Bossman w/ Slick vs. Rick Allen

For some reason, my tape has Lord Alfred Hayes and Sean Mooney on commentary for this match. Bossman overpowers Allen then steps on his chest. Bossman takes Allen down with a forearm smash and stays in control until getting the win with a sidewalk slam (2:20). After the match, Bossman cuffs Allen in the corner and beats him down.

Thoughts: Quick squash to put over Bossman as a threat. No idea why Mooney & Hayes were on commentary here.


Red Rooster vs. Craig Bowman

Vince & Jesse are back on commentary here. Rooster dodges an attack in the corner and hammers away. We then hear from the Brooklyn Brawler and Bobby Heenan, who calls Brawler the most disgusting man alive and that they have a plan for Rooster. Back to the match as Bowman lands some shots in the corner but Rooster fights back then gets with the Cock of the Walk (2:13).

Thoughts: This was to hype up the Rooster/Brawler feud.


Fabulous Rougeau Brothers w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Mark Bow & Dave Stoudemire

Vince lets us know that the Rougeaus actually sung their theme song. Jacques outsmarts Bow by having him follow his kip-up as he clotheslines him down. Stoudemire tags in as the Rougeaus kick his ass as Hart is in an insert promo telling us the Rougeaus’ theme will be #1. Jacques tags in as the Rougeaus put Stoudemire away with the Rougeau Bomb (2:28).

Thoughts: They really focused on getting over the Rougeaus theme here. Well, if you are going to get a theme song over, might as well be this one.


Brother Love Show with guest Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Brother Love said he proved on his show that Andre is not afraid of snakes or anything else. Jake accuses Brother Love of associating with “serpents” and that when you do that, you have to be careful as Jake pulls out Damien and chases Brother Love off, saying sooner or later you will get bit. Basic segment to continue the Jake/Andre feud.


“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase vs. Sam Houston

Houston actually gets an entrance here. DiBiase attacks Houston before the bell then takes his head off with a clothesline. He hits another clothesline before tossing Houston to the floor. DiBiase suplexes Houston back into the ring from the apron as Jesse said he was a bodyguard for Mick Jagger while recovering from knee surgery. Houston manages a few pinning combinations but DiBiase takes him back down. We hear from Big John Studd, who tells DiBiase he cannot be bought and wants DiBiase to put his money where his mouth is as Houston lands a few shots. Houston gets two with a crossbody then hits an atomic drop. He follows with a pair of dropkicks but DiBiase kicks him in the gut then catches him with a powerslam for the win (3:43). After the match, DiBiase puts Houston in the Million Dollar Dream then stuffs a $100 bill in his mouth.

Thoughts: This was a decent little match. Houston became a permanent jobber here by getting the $100 bill stuffed down his mouth on TV. When that happens, it means they have no plans for you and never will. And, seemed like they were teasing a Studd/DiBiase feud. Thank god we were spared from seeing that.


An ad hyping WrestleMania V airs. We then get a number on the screen on how to get tickets.


Bob Blake & Dusty Wolfe vs. The Rockers

The Rockers work over Wolfe as we get insert promos from various girls as they talk about how hot and sexy the Rockers as Vince laughs at one girl saying she will never wash her hand again because she touched their sweat. The Rockers now beat on Blake then the match breaks down. The Rockers use stereo Samoan drops then Shawn puts Wolfe away with a fist drop off of Marty’s shoulders (2:51).

Thoughts: Instead of using this to hype the Rockers feud against the Brainbusters, this match was a way to put over the Rockers as heartthrobs.


In action next week we will see Brutus Beefcake, Honky Tonk Man, and the featured match between the Bolsheviks and the Bushwhackers. Also, we will see footage from the “Mega Powers Meltdown” that occurred on the Main Event. We then hear from both teams hyping up the tag match next week. Slick was not with the Bolsheviks for this promo.


Final Thoughts: Overall, it was a decent show. We got two matches that would be considered as competitive and they seem to be getting things in motion as they gear up for WrestleMania V.


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