No more Cole

I think one of the main reasons SD is incredibly easier to watch than Raw (aside from the obvious 1-less hour) is purely and simply Michael Cole. He is simply grating to listen to for 3 hours. And it’s painful listening him to read lines from a script during a live wrestling show. You can predict the lines, "in the title hunt", "vintage _____", etc. it’s been the Cole show for almost 20(!) years. With the draft changing things like the sets, and mixing up the announce teams isn’t it time to move him to a producer role and develop a new voice. What does Cole do for the product that anyone else can’t do better? He’s s--- on play by play and color, doesn’t know moves, reads off a script so nothing sounds authentic, in fact the one time he was compelling was when he was the heel announcer hopelessly devoted to Miz. Why Cole?

Because he says and does exactly what Vince wants, the way he wants it. Cole on his own is much less irritating, and dare I say pretty entertaining.