WWF Los Angeles Sports Arena – January 29th, 1989

January 29, 1989

From the Los Angeles Sports Arena in Los Angeles, CA

Your hosts are Rod Trongard and Superstar Billy Graham


Barry Horowitz vs. Sam Houston

Graham talks about his favorite subject, which is bodyweight, as they Horowitz struts after a pair of armdrags. Houston returns the favor as Horowitz heads into the corner. Houston works the arm for a while then they trade hammerlocks until Horowitz cheap shots Houston after a break. They have a miscommunication spot then Horowitz acts like he blew out his knee on a leapfrog before he once again cheap shots Houston. Horowitz roughs up Houston and gets two with an inside cradle. Horowitz works an abdominal stretch then boots Houston outside. Houston gets in and fights back then they botch a flying headscissors spot badly as Graham covers for it saying it was due to fatigue. Horowitz hits a double underhook suplex and tries another suplex but Houston reverses. Horowitz rakes the eyes then puts Houston in a Boston Crab. Houston breaks out of that and starts a comeback. He hits an atomic drop and fires away. Horowitz begs for mercy but Houston inflicts more punishment. Houston gets two with a clothesline then Horowitz leapfrogs Houston and blows that spot too before kneeing Houston in the gut. Horowitz lands a few punches but Houston floats over on a slam attempt then bulldogs Horowitz for the win (18:15) **.

Thoughts: This was long and these guys had several rough spots during the match. I expected a lot better from them as they were both solid workers.


“Ravishing” Rick Rude vs. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake

Graham is too busy trying to guess the weight of the wrestlers as the match begins. Rude stalls after getting taunted then they battle over a test-of-strength. Rude gyrates as he takes Beefcake to his knees but Beefcake powers out then calls for another battle but Rude brushes him off. Beefcake stomps Rude to block a monkey flip then fires away in the corner. Beefcake struts around then uses more mounted punches in the corner until Rude breaks that up with an inverted atomic drop. Rude beats down Beefcake then heads up top where he hits a forearm smash to the back as that gets two. Rude hits another inverted atomic drop then gyrates and flexes as Beefcake pulls himself up. Rude keeps hitting Beefcake and ducking his punches but Beefcake hits him with an inverted atomic drop. Beefcake rams Rude in the corner then pulls him into the ring from the apron where he puts on the sleeper. Rude grabs the ropes then falls outside as Beefcake follows. He rolls Rude back inside then slingshots in with a sunset flip but Rude blocks that and holds onto the ropes for leverage and gets the win (8:16) *1/2. After the match, Beefcake chases Rude away with his scissors.

Thoughts: This was decent enough I suppose. It gave Rude the win heading into his feud with the Ultimate Warrior and protected Beefcake as he lost due to cheating and he got some heat back at the end. The crowd was really into this match.


King Haku vs. Ultimate Warrior

Haku attacks Warrior before the bell. He runs into a boot then Warrior gets two with a crossbody. Haku rakes the eyes then bounces off of the Warrior. Both men miss elbow drops then Warrior hits Haku with an atomic drop. Warrior misses a corner splash as Haku stomps away. Warrior fights out of a nerve hold but Haku catches him with an inverted atomic drop. Shoulderbreaker gets two as Haku goes back to the nerve hold. Warrior fights out and hits a slam then goes for the splash but Haku gets his knees up and stomps away. Haku once again goes back to a nerve hold then slams Warrior but misses a splash as both men are down. Haku is up first and targets the back but Warrior pumps himself up and hits a clothesline then a flying shoulder tackle. Warrior then slams Haku down and puts him away with a splash (7:15) *3/4.

Thoughts: Considering Warrior was involved, this wasnt that bad at all. Warrior was put over strong by beating a credible opponent rather easily.


Andre the Giant vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Andre walks up the aisle once Jake leaves the snake bag in the corner. Jake gets pissed and finally agrees to stick Damien underneath the ring as Andre returns. Andre looks under the ring and demands it be pushed further underneath and once that happens, the match finally begins. Jake catches Andre with a kneelift and ties him up in the ropes. Jake fires away and heads outside to tease that he was getting Damien but comes in to choke Andre. Jake once again teases but Andre takes him down with one hand. Andre then stands on top of Jake then overpowers him as he slowly stalks his opponent. Jake avoids Andre in the corner then climbs to the middle rope and hits a forearm smash as Andre falls down. Jake then heads outside and gets the snake and puts it near Andre, who freaks out and leaves as the bell rings to signal Jake was disqualified (7:31) *. After the match, we see that Jake is bleeding profusely from the hand.

Thoughts: This had a ton of heat to make up for the fact Andre was essentially immobile at this point. And Jake was pouring blood from his hand after the match too. That was a nasty bite from Damien.


“Dangerous” Danny Davis vs. Red Rooster

We get some stalling to start off this match and oddly enough, the episode of “Wrestling Challenge” that aired this day featured a match between the two. Rooster backdrops Davis then struts before working the arm. Davis takes control after a cheap shot then gets two with a forearm smash from the top rope. Davis applies a front facelock on the mat then works a chinlock as the announcers talk about the feud between Rooster and Bobby Heenan. Davis cuts off a comeback with a knee smash then works another chinlock for what seems like an eternity. Rooster fights back but Davis attacks the eyes and chokes him out on the ropes. Rooster eventually breaks out with a back suplex then fires away. Davis begs for mercy as Rooster hits a slam then drops an elbow. Rooster avoids a charge then lifts Davis up with a hammerlock for the win (6:47) 1/4*.

Thoughts: This match sucked. Rooster is gearing up for a feud against the Brooklyn Brawler in the lowest of lower card feuds.


Jake heads into the ring with his finger bandaged up as he says the people came to see a winner and a loser and wants Andre to get his big fat ass out here to finish what they started. Andre then comes out and laughs as he says Jake cannot get enough. Andre calls Jake a loser and says that he never loses and that is the difference between them. Jake runs out after Andre but gets taken down and wrapped in the microphone wire. Andre holds Jake’s legs as Rude runs out and beats him down. Andre & Rude leave as Jake is in pain on the mat. Good segment with some solid mic work by Andre.


Greg “The Hammer” Valentine vs. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart

Valentine bails to start then taunts Graham, who chases him off with a chair and into Neidhart. Valentine gets beat on then rolled inside where he finally takes control with a kick to the gut. Neidhart dodges an attack in the corner and chases Valentine around after trying to yank off his shinguard until he gets kicked in the mouth. Valentine is in control then cuts off a comeback with a knee smash to the face. Valentine softens up the leg and tries for the figure four but Neidhart pushes him into the corner where he rams the post. Neidhart runs through Valentine a few times then gets two with a clothesline. He finally yanks off the shinguard then tries to use it as a weapon but gets stopped by the ref and as that happens, Valentine rolls him up for the win (10:11) *. After the match, Neidhart clotheslines Valentine with the shinguard.

Thoughts: This was really dull for the most part but the fans did pop big for when Valentine’s shinguard got yanked off. Both guys looked very sluggish here and looked half asleep, especially Valentine.


The Brainbusters vs. The Rockers

The fans are pumped for the Rockers. Arn and Shawn start off as Shawn does not fall for Arn’s veteran tricks. All fur men brawl outside then in the ring as the fans go nuts. Things settle down as Arn and Shawn go back-and-forth until Shawn rolls out after Tully made a blind tag. Tully works a chinlock then the ref catches the Brainbusters using illegal switches as the Rockers take advantage and keep doing that behind the ref’s back as they are trying to outsmart their opponents. Jannetty is in and hits the Brainbusters with a double arm drag and dropkick as the fans pop huge for that. Shawn breaks up a double suplex as the Rockers hit stereo super kicks to the Brainbusters. Shawn then backflips over Arn from the top rope and takes him down with a hurricarana. Tully tags in and Arn distracts Shawn from the outside. Shawn chases Tully around and ducks a clothesline but doesnt see Arn and gets turned inside out. The Brainbusters take control for a few minutes until Shawn and Arn collide then after that Shawn tags out as Marty runs wild. Marty tries to suplex Tully but Arn trips him up from the outside then holds his leg down as Tully falls on top for the win (18:21) ***3/4.

Thoughts: Awesome match and by far and away the best thing on the show. The fans were into this more than anything else on the card too.


Final Thoughts:Overall, a great main event but the rest of the card was not too good at all. This was the last televised LA Sports Arena show as the era of the televised house shows were starting to come to an end as next month would be the last Philadelphia Spectrum show. Besides the main event, I’d pass on this show.


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