The Women’s Division: Will It Float?

Hi Scott,

Considering that there has never really been a credible Women’s Division in North America outside of the Trish/Lita era which promptly died with their retirement, the division is essentially stretch out between two promotions, most of the participants have only a handful of years experience and considering Vince is probably pushing this thing just to acquiesce Steph and has no faith whatsoever in the them, how long do you give this experiment? Or do you think if will succeed?

Will the fans simply lose interest? Will WWE screw it up? Will Injuries mount? Will WWE screw it up?


​The problem right now is that they spent all this time training the women in NXT how to "work like girls" (with days of rehearsals for their matches over and over) and then suddenly when they were brought up, they were totally exposed as not being able to do the normal WWE style at a high level without that rehearsal time. ​What they really need is to tone it down a LOT on the main roster. Sasha and Charlottte don’t need to be trying crazy dives and top rope ranas and all that other stuff, because they can’t do it consistently. They’re trying to be something they’re not, and it’s only hurting them. Say what you will about Nikki Bella, but she knows her limits and works within them.

So in fact, I don’t really even blame WWE for this one at the moment.