missed opportunity (matches)

Hi, Scott

What’s your personal pick for biggest missed opportunity when it comes to matches? I think Austin/Hogan may take the cake as far money being left on the table. What are some others? Luger and Sting/Mega Powers and The Outsiders/Mega Powers come to mind.

​Well yeah, but I’ve griped about how Starrcade 95 should have been Megapowers v. Sting & Luger enough times, though. I think that Demolition v. LOD was a missed opportunity in that they easily could have kept the Demos strong in 1990 and built to something with the LOD instead of deliberately destroying Demolition first.

I do think that Austin-Hogan might not have had a dynamic that would have drawn huge money, though. Just feels like Rock was better suited to challenging him. Austin would have gobbled him up and it wouldn’t have been the same, I don’t think.