Piper in 1990

What was the deal with Roddy Piper in 1990? Yesterday’s Observer had a cryptic message about him not being on the favored list and thus not getting a pinfall victory. In the previous months he was moved down the B cards in favor of the Big Bossman. Was there something going on backstage or had he just cooled off as an act?

Also, given how lackluster his run was from Wrestlemania V to VI, should he have gone to WCW in 1989? He could have slid ride into that Funk spot and been the no. 1 heel or face depending on how they booked it.

Oh yeah, Jim Herd was absolutely trying to get him but Piper kept playing them against each other and taking the better deal. He could have absolutely gone in there and headlined against Flair for all of 89 and fit perfectly.

As for his troubles in 1990, he was busy making the TV show "Tag Team" with Jesse Ventura and the feeling was that there was no point pushing him because he wanted to leave and be an actor, especially since he was associating with Ventura (who was DEFINITELY on the no-fly list with the WWF at that point). And they were pretty much right. But then, every time they got desperate and needed a headliner for the house show circuit in the Northeast, there’s Roddy Piper getting the call again. They deserved each other, frankly.