Barber Beefcake!

Hi Scott, long time reader first time emailer.

Ok, so he was a horrible worker, but when I was too young to realize it I loved the Barber character. And it seemed like he was a pretty hot act at the time, got good reactions from live crowds.
1. I’ve seen Honky Tonk Man in shoot interviews saying that Ultimate Warrior at Summerslam was the long term plan. But it sure seemed like they were building to a Beefcake/HTM match before making a sudden switch to the even hotter Warrior. Which do you think was the truth?

2. Why did they go from him being in the IC title mix (which meant something at the time) to a feud with a complete jobber in Outlaw Ron Bass?

3. And why the brutality of the angle that knocked Beefcake out of the match? I don’t ever recall seeing blood on Superstars, and then suddenly they have Bass brutally blade Beefcake. I was certainly shocked and scared, but why did they waste something like this on Bass? Did they really think they could push him?

​Keep in mind that anything said by Honky has to be taken with several pillars of salt. However, there was no real "long term plan" to his title loss, since he was originally supposed to be dropping it to Randy Savage at the Main Event and decided that wouldn’t happen. In the Observers at the time, Dave was then convinced week after week that Honky would be dropping the belt to Beefcake as punishment, but that never happened either. And then with Beefcake not drawing against Honky, they just kind of moved him down to the Bass feud instead and went with Warrior as the new #2 headliner. I don’t think they had any plans for Bass either, it was just something to do and a way to explain Beefcake’s absence. ​