Ziggler/Miz angle

That Dolph/Miz angle from SD was in my opinion, one of the best angles I’ve seen in a long time. Miz is just on fire, taking the match just on the hopes of retiring Dolph… Ziggler brought to tears about his career path, and being such a desperate babyface that he’s willing to risk it all… And best of all for the IC title! That angle made EVERYONE look like gold and I can’t wait for No Mercy. What did you think of the angle/ feud?

​This kind of stuff would have more good will with me if:

1. Dolph wasn’t already killed off as a babyface

2. Anyone cared about the IC title.

3. Miz was a serious champion who had believably been champion for all those months.

4. They had any history of honoring stipulations.

​But hey, if you’re excited about it, more power to you.