WWE Impact?

Hey Scott,

You yourself have said that WWE should just buy Evolve and make it the real developmental brand on the network. Which is basically a NXT show from 2013 or FCW before that time. Obviously that era didn’t have the Indy darlings but there’s something neat to watch completely new guys just starting out.

With rumors of WWE buying TNA, do you think there’s any chance of this happening? Rebrand it "WWE Impact", have tapings down at Full Sail, have green ropes (because everything HAS to be color schemed), and a fresh roster of developmental guys?

If they’re going to buy the whole company for just the tape library, why not use it also for an hour of weekly content for the network?

​From what I understand, it wouldn’t work that way. They wouldn’t be concerned with buying the actual company like Corgan is, because they don’t care about saving it, and in fact it’s in their best interests not to. Their concern would be buying the tape library for $1 million or whatever lowball offer they make, and probably the intellectual properties associated with the shows, and the rest would just die like WCW. They just let Dixie go out of business, along with the millions of dollars that the company is reportedly in debt, and sign up whatever wrestlers they want on new deals for pennies on the dollar. Their TV deals would be worthless to WWE anyway. Given how touchy WWE investors are about quarterly profit margins as it is, sinking money into keeping an albatross like TNA alive in any form would be ridiculous. In fact, I have no idea why Corgan is wasting his time as it is. ​