The Brand Split: The Real Worst Champion Ever

Would the ratings really be any better if Balor, Reigns, Rollins, s--- even John Cena was champion of Raw? There has been a steady decline in the ratings for the last two years.

And now half of the stars of the company don’t even appear on Raw anymore because of the brand spilt. Also the show is 3 f------ hours long. Plus Smackdown is another 2 hours. Oh and there is a ppv every two weeks. So every other week there is 8 hours of live WWE television to get through.

What about Hulu? That has to dig into the Raw rating. 3 hours or 1.5 with limited commercials hmm…(though personally the DVR route is the best for me; I don’t like letting others decide what parts of the show to skip but I can still get through it in about the same amount of time, even less in the weeks when it’s really bad)

Isn’t the real inductor of how a champion is doing the live gates anyway? They didn’t give up on Reigns as champ until the house show numbers started to dip.

Lastly the whole Nielson ratings system is stupid and obsolete.

​Live attendance is not doing well either. But again, you’re just skipping over the most important facts: Owens is fat.