WcW Warrior

So I just finished watching a mega-dream tag team match from Nitro……. Hollywood Hogan & Bret Hart v Sting & Ultimate Warrior. Huge match. I can’t decide if WcW botched another chance, like they botched the
Hitman, or if the Warrior was dead on arrival. This match, however, sucked. It was Lobster Sting & Warrior in jeans & an air-sprayed trench coat. Basically just a schmozz.

Was Warrior ever going to get pushed or get any kind of run in WcW? Any feuds planned? That tag match alone was a botch, as the reunion on the Blade Runners could’ve been hyped for a PPV, & only got mentioned in passing by Tenay. Warrior got a pretty big pop on his debut, & kinda had another badass theme song.

As shitty as the Hitman’s run was, we at least saw some fresh matches & feuds…..Sting, Goldberg, DDP, Booker T, Benoit, Malenko, Flair, Hennig, Luger & the long awaited Hogan match. Some very anticipated WWF v WcW matches.

So with Warrior did they drop the ball, again? Let’s say Warrior plays ball, I for one would’ve been into seeing, train wrecks included, Warrior v Goldberg, Flair, Sid, or a Blade Runners run v Hall & Nash, then they implode & we get Warrior v Sting, or the Hitman match that never happened in the WWF.

Thoughts on the WcW Warrior run? What went wrong? Any match ups you were hoping to see?
I mean, he fit right in with a legendary roster….Hogan, Savage, Piper, Warrior, Sting, Luger, Hart & Flair. And yes, obviously we’re talking spectacle, not so much quality.

BoD #1

​Warrior was specifically brought in to job to Hogan and then go away once he had fulfilled his dates, which is what he did to the letter. There was no illusions about him being a long-term player for the promotion​, and Warrior clearly had no interest in being one anyway. Plus the fact that he had complete creative control of himself as a part of his deal made it impossible to do anything with him anyway.