“Real” World Titles, Pt. 2

Since we now have two WWE world titles again, here’s a follow-up to a question I sent you a while back: do you consider the following belts to be "real," legitimate world titles?

– The Universal Championship. (WWE obviously regards this as a world belt, but given its short lifespan and two lackluster champions so far, it’s hard to take it seriously as such.)

It’s the top championship of the top brand, so YES.

– The ROH world championship

A hesitant yes. They’re pretty much the #2 promotion and it’s been promoted in other countries, so that makes it a World title.

– The Lucha Underground championship

Big fat NO, which is no disrespect to the MONSTER MATANZA or the company, but they’re not an actual touring promotion, they’re a TV show.

– The NWA title as TNA’s main belt, 2002-2007 (World champion Ken Shamrock! World Champion Ron Killings! World Champion Abyss!)

It still had the NWA lineage, so YES.

– The AAA Mega Championship (I know nothing of the belt’s lineage, but I love the name!)

All signs point to YES.