WWF Wrestling Challenge – January 22nd, 1989

January 22, 1989

From the Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center in Birmingham, AL

Your hosts are Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

In action this week are the Twin Towers, Jake Roberts, Mr. Perfect, Blue Blazer, and the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers


Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Tom Stone

Stone briefly takes control until Jake takes him down with a knee lift. Jake is then shown in an insert promo talking about Andre’s fear of snakes as he works the arm. Stone uses an eye rake but Jake surprises him with the DDT and gets the win (2:07). After the match, Jake dumps Damien on top of Stone.

Thoughts: The finished looked cool as Jake’s feud with Andre continues.


Gene Okerlund welcomes Rockin’ Robin to the interview platform. He mentions how she beat Sensational Sherri in France for the title as Robin called it a special moment and compares it to the 4th of July. Okerlund then speculates that Robin will be the greatest women’s champion of all-time. Sherri then comes out to interrupt and calls Robin the biggest disgrace to the Women’s Championship and does not even deserve to breath the same air as her and says she is unable to beat her again. Robin says she has heard enough and that the difference between them is that despite being the current champion, she is also a lady. Sherri tries to attack Robin as Okerlund is stuck in the middle of their catfight. Sherri then leaves as Robin helps Okerlund get up. Decent segment and the first time in years they’ve bothered with a Women’s Title feud. Sherri was great and Robin did okay for herself and this got over.


Twin Towers w/ Slick vs. Chris Collins & Alan Reynolds

Bossman takes Collins down with an elbow smash as we hear from Slick in an insert promo as he calls the Twin Towers the “reflection of perfection.” The Twin Towers now beat on Reynolds for a bit until putting him away with a sidewalk slam/splash combo (2:07). After the match, they beat down their opponents some more and cuff them to each other as Bossman beats them with a nightstick.

Thoughts: A quick match to put over the Twin Towers as a major threat.


Sean Mooney is in the Event Center. Bad News Brown addresses the rumors that he does not need a manager, friend, or partner are true because he is the only person that counts. Jake Roberts then tells us that Damien will put fear into his opponents but he will be the one that beats you.


Blue Blazer vs. Dusty Wolfe

Wolfe uses an eye rake but Blazer floats over and takes him down. Blazer works the arm for a bit as the announcers talk about a personality profile on Blazer in “WWF Magazine.” Blazer hits a snap suplex then follows with a backdrop before hitting a missile dropkick. Blazer then gets caught with an elbow smash in the corner but takes Wolfe over with a belly-to-belly suplex and puts him away with the splash (2:36).

Thoughts: Another TV win for the Blazer, who is over with the crowds but unfortunately for him it has not amounted to anything in terms of a push.


Tim Horner & Omar Atlas vs. Fabulous Rougeau Brothers

This is the debut of the Rougeau’s “All-American Boys” theme song. Raymond takes Horner down with a hip toss to start. Horner then surprises him with a reverse rollup for two. Atlas tags but gets hit with a dropkick then put away with the Rougeau Bomb (1:23).

Thoughts: This was really brief but the true highlight was the debut of “All-American Boys,” one of the more memorable theme songs of the 1980’s.


Mooney is back in the Event Center. Demolition takes about having open contracts to fight anyone but in the back of their mind they are worrying about “Fuj the Stooge” and the Powers of Pain as they vow to get revenge on their former manager. Ronnie Garvin then talks about wrestling all over the world and found that the WWF is the toughest of them all as he thrives on pain and being the best as he refuses to back down.


Demolition vs. Iron Mike Sharpe & Alan Kinsey

Demolition destroys Sharpe to start as we hear from fans on who will win between Demolition and the Powers of Pain, as they all pick Demolition. Heenan craps all over the city of Birmingham as Demolition puts Kinsey away with the Decapitation (2:28).

Thoughts: They put Demolition over strongly here by showing all the fans picking them to beat the Powers of Pain.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. This is about the Red Rooster/Bobby Heenan feud and pretty much the same as the “WWF Update” segment from Superstars.


Jose Luis Rivera vs. “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig

They are back to announcing him as Curt Hennig. Rivera manages to get a reverse rollup after an Irish whip sequence. He then takes Hennig outside with a dropkick but Hennig comes back in and hammers away. Hennig is then shown in an insert promo telling us to look in the mirror and now realize that what you see is not perfect as Hennig then gets the win with a Perfect Plex after ducking a crossbody (2:51).

Thoughts: Decent action here and Rivera got in a good amount of offense. I did like Hennig’s insert promo though. Came across as a real prick.


We get a replay of the vignette of Big John Studd lifting at the gym. We sure did get a lot of bodybuilding segments from 1988-89.


Dale Veasey & Bob Blake vs. The Rockers

Veasey would later go on to become Lt. James Earl Wright as part of the State Patrol in WCW. He is dressed the same as Blake. We hear from the Brainbusters in an insert promo as Heenan is telling them to keep an eye on the Rockers. The Rockers stay in control until Veasey hits a slam. Blake tags in and misses a dropkick as Michaels also tags in and hits a super kick then the Rockers hit the Rockerplex for the win (3:54).

Thoughts: They are continuing the Rockers/Brainbusters feud. The Rockers looked good again here.


Mooney is in the Event Center. Bobby Heenan and Rick Rude tell us how Rude is being accused of being a homewrecker but its not his fault as he is the sexiest man alive.


Next week in action are the Powers of Pain, Red Rooster, King Haku, and the Bushwhackers. Plus, an interview with the Twin Towers and more!


Final Thoughts: The show was fine this week. The Women’s Title feud segment was good and they are continuing the other feuds going on in the company. Plus, they are building nicely towards the Mega Powers vs. Twin Towers match.


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