KO as top guy

From the comments…

Can we give Owens more than 3 weeks as champion before we conclude he’s not right for that spot?

I don’t think we need to. Just look at the evidence: They have a story for a guy who spent 10 years trying to make it to WWE and was told he was too fat to ever be a star, worked his way into the system and forced himself into a spot on the main roster, and then ended up as World champion because a spot opened up on a one in a million chance. And we’re supposed to BOO this character?! It’s ridiculous and a complete mismatch for all the things that got him over in the first place, and not to mention that his primary opponent is the guy who spent two years as the chosen one for the Authority and now we’re supposed to just cheer him a few weeks after he came back from injury and told us all to go f--- ourselves.

But really, storyline stuff aside, they put the belt on Owens and he immediately drew the two worst ratings in the HISTORY OF THE SHOW. That alone says that it’s not working with him in the spot. That doesn’t mean people won’t buy Owens as the top guy, but Owens as the top guy backed by the Authority with absolutely no explanation or storyline behind it? That’s the problem.