Cram This Question In Your Ear Hole

Hola Dark Lord! Kyle here from your old pals at the Obtuse Angles Podcast. We have an upcoming episode on a topic that will make scintillating discussion fodder for your sexy little blog: "Good Gimmick, Wrong Guy." What character had genuine potential but was​ ​
by someone who was the wrong fit? I’ll spot you one: Mohammed Hassan. Who else?

I think that early 90s WCW had a lot of good ideas for gimmicks but just didn’t know how to execute or cast any of them. Van Hammer, guitar-playing midcard babyface, was a decent idea hampered by the real guy being one of the all time worst wrestlers ever. I think that today, the Drifter wasn’t a bad gag gimmick, but Elias Sampson just has zero presence in the role and can’t pull off the winking aspect of it. I mean, the IDEA of a badass loner sitting at the bar and drinking until it’s time for his match is a funny one, but the guy just doesn’t fit the role.