Mid-South Wrestling March 25th, 1982

March 25, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Jim Ross

This week in action will be the Wild Samoans vs. Junkyard Dog & Killer Karl Kox, Mr. Olympia vs. Tully Blanchard, and more!


The announcers start off by talking about last week when Bob Roop double-crossed Paul Orndorff and took his place in the North American Title match as we see a clip of Roop winning the title, with assistance from the One Man Gang.


Paul Orndorff is in the ring. He tells us everyone knows what happened and that DiBiase was right in that Roop is a coward and backstabber. He talks about Roop messing with his car to prevent him from getting to the building on time as he tells Roop and promises to beat him when they step into the ring as he is in Mid-South for one reason and that is the North American Heavyweight Championship. They are setting up for an eventual Roop vs. Orndorff title match.


Paul Orndorff vs. Coco Samoa

They end in a stalemate after trading hip tosses. Ross thinks Orndorff might be thinking too much about Roop and not enough about his opponent as he works a side headlock. Orndorff cuts Coco’s comeback short with a hotshot then beats him down. Coco tries another comeback that fails and Orndorff puts him away with a powerslam (3:36).

Thoughts: Orndorff was in control for most of the match as he remains focused on getting revenge for what Roop did to him.


Buddy Landel vs. Bob Roop is scheduled now. However, Orndorff comes in and gets Landel to leave. Roop tries to run away but Orndorff cuts him off on the floor and hammers away. The crowd goes nuts as Orndorff is destroying Roop while the referee is at the announcers table screaming for matchmaker Grizzly Smith to do something about this. Mike Boyer and Tully Blanchard then come out to break things up and escorts Roop to safety as the fans cheer for Orndorff. Awesome brawl as Orndorff beat the crap out of Roop. The fans were really into this too as the North American Heavyweight Title feud remains a hit even with the belt off of DiBiase.


Mike Boyer vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

Sharpe backdrops Boyer then works the arm as the announcers talk about Orndorff needing to get a sanctioned match if he wants the title. Sharpe stays on the arm as Ross puts over the intelligence of Roop then the boxing background of Sharpe. Boyer tries to make the ropes but Sharpe drags him back to the middle as he is still working an armbar. Boyer finally escapes with a knee smash then works a chinlock but Sharpe easily breaks out of that then puts him away with a backbreaker submission (3:49).

Thoughts: This was not good. Sharpe was slow and clunky and the more I see of Sharpe outside of his 80’s WWF enhancement talent role, the less impressed I am.


Wild Samoans w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Junkyard Dog & Killer Karl Kox

The Samoans are the Tag Team Champions but this is a non-title match. Afa starts by raking the eyes of Kox, who returns the favor. JYD tags in and beats on Afa for a bit. Kox tags back in and catches Afa with a back elbow smash for two. Sika drags Kox by his tights from the apron as the Samoans try to double-team him but that ends up failing. JYD tags in and stays in control but Akbar provides a distraction and gets attacked but the Samoans take control with an ambush from behind. Kox comes in for the save as the match breaks down but he gets sent to the floor with a double headbutt. The Samoans hit JYD with a double clothesline but JYD ducks a second attempt and takes both men down. Akbar gets up on the apron as JYD picks him up and slams him down. The match breaks down again as the ref gets knocked outside. Kox grabs his shovel and takes out Sika then JYD covers Afa and gets the win (4:54) *.

Thoughts: The fans popped for the finish but this match was not that good either. Lots of slow brawling.


One Man Gang w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Terry Gibbs

Gibbs bounces off of Gang then crawls under his ring as Pierce lists off all the people (Ladd, Murdoch, DiBiase) that Gang has injured over the past several weeks. Gang beats Gibbs down after hitting a backbreaker then puts him away with a splash (1:22).

Thoughts: Another segment to establish Gang as a major threat. They have done a good job continuing his rise up the card.


Tully Blanchard vs. Mr. Olympia

Ross immediately puts over Blanchard’s athletic accomplishments as Olympia hits a backdrop. They fight over a wristlock then Olympia takes him down with a hip toss as Blanchard ducks out for a quick breather. Olympia works the arm then backs Blanchard into the corner. Blanchard blocks a monkey flip then finally takes control of the match. He works a chinlock as the announcers are putting over the One Man Gang and how he has been unstoppable thus far. Olympia fights out and hits a slam but Blanchard gets his knees up on a splash then covers for two. Sholuderbreaker gets two as  Blanchard has his feet on the ropes. He then yells at the ref but Olympia sneaks up with a small package for the win (6:00) **.

Thoughts: The match was okay. Both guys struggled to get on the same page at the beginning and this was wrestled at a fairly slow place. Odd to see Olympia win by distraction as Blanchard has basically been presented as a step above enhancement talent the past couple of weeks.


Rick Ferrara vs. Jesse Barr

This is a standby match. Barr hits a dropkick as Ross says this is the last time he will be here for a while and would love to come back again. Barr hits a slam as Pierce welcomes Ross back anytime. Ferrara shakes Barr off on a reverse rollup attempt then hits an atomic drop. The announcers tell us that we will get an update on DiBiase’s injury next week as Barr gets two with a backslide. These two go back-and-forth as the announcers put over the rest of the promotion as the show ends (3:39).

Thoughts: Nothing more than filler here. Ferrara was old and out of shape as Barr was never really all that good to begin with.


Final Thoughts: The action wasn’t that great tonight but they focused on the Orndorff/Roop feud and building up the One Man Gang so it was a decent show. Plus, with a non-title win, JYD & Kox can position themselves for a future title shot against the Samoans. We will also get an update on Ted DiBiase next week and since Ladd did not appear, we should get follow up on his return and war against Skandor Akbar’s men soon. I also liked Jim Ross on commentary for these shows. He was prepared and put the guys over, something that is sorely lacking in today’s product.


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