Bulldogs / Hart Foundation

So I was always a big British Bulldogs fan, & even a big Davey Boy mark. I think he massively underachieved, & totally peeked at Summerslam with the Hitman. I thought a transition run in WcW in ’93 was in the cards, at least could’ve been. Even when he was solo in WWF, he became a mid carder real fast & feuded with the Warlord. Ever any bigger plans for him if there was no steroid issue? I even had some love for the Bulldog / Luger tag team, was that going anywhere ever?

No, the tag team with Luger was a dead end from the start.

Why such a short, uneventful run in WcW ’93? Kinda liked the Sting / Bulldog tag team too.

​He had some issues and got fired. ​

Why didn’t he end up being the 4th or 5th member of the nWo, & was it a big miss for him?

​That would have been a disaster on all levels. ​

I’m just curious on your thoughts had Dynamite not been forced to retire? How long do they stay a team, stay a dominant team, do they ever jump to Crockett?

​Nah, they hated each other by the end of the 80s as it is, it was inevitable that the Bulldogs were going to break up. ​

If for some reason they still split up, does Dynamite realign with Davey Boy in the Attitude Era Hart Foundation? Do they bring back Matilda & turn her heel too?

As wonderful as the Evil Bulldogs would have been (look up some of DK’s work with Johnny Smith for a teaser) there was just too much bad blood.