Starrcade 86 with Magnum

Hey Scott,

Watching some old World Championship Wrestling from 1986 on the network and in the weeks before Magnum TA’s accident it seems as if they are building to a rematch with Magnum and Nikita at Starrcade. If the accident doesn’t happen what is the main event since the rest of the card appeared to be setting up like this.

Magnum/Nikita- Cage Match
Dusty/ Tully
Midnights/ Road Warriors
RnR Express/Andersons

Would we have gotten Ron Garvin vs Ric Flair a year earlier? Or would they possibly have brought Barry Windham in for this spot? Seems like they had no direction for the main event leading to the biggest show of the year.

Meltzer was saying at the time that the plan was Ron Garvin, with the stipulation where Garvin would retire if he lost. He would then lose the match and do the biased referee gimmick, which eventually got recycled in his WWF run against Greg Valentine.

Now, in more recent years, Dave has said on the radio show that Magnum was getting the belt at that show, but I also don’t see it in the buildup. If anything Magnum was building to a match with Jimmy Garvin or the Nikita rematch where he gets the US title back. Either way, the show still did phenomenal business without Magnum, at least.