Saving Lesnar for?

Hi Scott,

While constantly keeping Brock strong, including sacrificing another top star in Randy Orton to the gods, what is the endgame as to who he gives rub to when he loses?

Would it be Reigns? And if so when? I actually DO want to see a final definitive rematch between the two with a winner but man getting further away from Mania 31 cheapens that?

Owens? Styles? In storyline he is still owed a 1:1 rematch I believe but do we think they would go over? Id love to see Owens-Lesnar but cant see vince saying Owens is the guy they have been waiting to be the one to beat him after a couple years of no clean losses.

Who else? Had to be a payoff to it at some point.

P.s. Still hate that they under-protected him (lost 2 of his first three return to WWE matches IIRC) but now overdoing it.

Yeah, I don’t know what the point of Lesnar being there is anymore, either. Putting over Ambrose at WM would have been the perfect time and place, and instead it was just a Brock slaughter that led to nothing. Even worse, the Orton match led to nothing and had zero followup, and Brock just disappeared again, which not only wasted the hardway blood, but also wasted all the momentum that the character had after the UFC controversy. He doesn’t draw ratings any longer and he doesn’t work house shows, so why put him over all your top guys? Especially since Orton was supposed to be the one carrying Smackdown as the top working babyface.