Cruiserweights are dooooomed

Are the cruiserweights doomed on Raw? Think about the major logic gap in WWE. The CWC was phenomenal because they gave us backstories and reasons to care about EVERYONE, even the first round job guys! Then they put Mauro and DB out there to sell the event and the matches like its Wrestlemania, providing amazing commentary and storytelling…
Logically their on Raw, with Foley just kinda introducing 4 guys to a lukewarm crowd, the announcers, minus Corey have no investment, there are no backstories, video recaps, or anything… They even told you during the CWC FINAL, that the winner will be at Raw and TJP wasn’t there to build to his title match!?! They have three hours to fill but used none of the time to build a new division. And of course, DB and Mauro are on SD.

How long before El Torito pins TJP and retires the Cruiserweight title?

I find it mind-boggling that they didn’t even put TJP on the debut episode for them on RAW. That match with Kendrick is going to die a thousand deaths at the PPV on Sunday. And yeah, they should have been on Smackdown, but much like Kane, you have to keep RAW strong, I guess.