Sting and Muta

I’ve long heard the talk that Sting slammed his knee into the cage to blow it out, but you can plainly see Doug Dillinger basically hanging all his bodyweight on Sting’s leg trashing it… crazy he was able to literally injure the company’s biggest star, ruin all longterm plans, and still kept his job until the company closed up
Reed being pinned while trying to apologize to the angry Simmons for losing his mask is still one of my favorite finish​ ​

​… and Muta turning babyface to fight for the honor of a respected former adversary and winning the title at Wrestle War 90 on Flair’s birthday for revenge would have set the fanbase on fire. Between the company doing that same storyline around the Magnum injury with Nikita, and the fan reaction for Muta in the main event even without a face turn… wonder how they stayed in business as long as they did​

​Today’s Observer Flashback actually talks about the Muta thing in more detail, but it turns out that Muta was the one who refused to turn babyface because Gary Hart brainwashed him into thinking that a Japanese star could never get cheers from Americans. In fact they were pushing quite hard for him to turn!

Dave also talks about how Sting wrecks his knee on the second climb attempt while security tried to pull him off. And Brian Pillman got potatoed accidentally in the same melee and was also injured, so this was the rare cage match where the participants were unharmed but all the guys kept out were the ones hurt! ​