What if…Dean Ambrose Fast Lane 2016 Winner?

Hey Scott,

I was just was watching Fast Lane 2016 for the first time the other night and was curious to get yours, along with the blogs, opinion on something. I remember seeing Dean Ambrose at the time of the Royal Rumble and being in the final 2 with Triple H, and thinking maybe, just maybe, he had a shot. Same with at Fast Lane. It seemed that some people were clinging onto some sort of hope that somehow the powers that be would realize nobody really cared/wanted to see Reigns/Hunter as the Wrestlemania 32 main event. Sadly, we should have known that would never happen, and we know the rest. Reigns/Hunter was nothing to write home about (putting it mildly) and Ambrose instead went on to lose almost embarrassingly to Lesnar.

My question is, if the company had given Ambrose the win at Fast Lane, and decided to put him over in the main event over Hunter at Wrestlemania, how do you think it would have played out? And how different do you believe Ambrose’s career, let alone main event status, would be compared to what it is now?


​I certainly think he would have done better as champion than if they put it on him when he was ice cold and at one of his lowest points. Really though, winning it on a WWE Network Special where not many people are watching is hardly a WM-style title reign kickoff. Ideally Brock would have been the Rumble winner and then dropped it to Ambrose for maximum effect, and then he would have been launched hard and fast.​