How Low Do They Go?

Dear Scott,

Every morning I wake up with a massive er…. uh…. wrong column.

Did I read correctly that their two shows are now down to 2.0s?

What will be their lowest rating point possible in the future?

Do you think it will ever get to the point that Vince just goes out there, apologizes for being too old, explains why he is not a jerk and then reinstates CM Punk (even though at this point I wouldn’t care as much as I would have).

That being said there is a sense of satisfaction in watching things fall apart for them-even after all the changes they have made. Yes watching things fall apart can be a lot of fun.

Mwa ha, Mwa ha ha ha!

The Lazy (and evil) Millennial

​Dude, I WANT them to do well and make lots of money and have high ratings, because every time interest in the product is up, my ad revenue goes through the roof. When people don’t give a s--- about the product, it means the blog suffers as well. It’s like Bryan Alvarez’s famous "Gold boat" analogy. There’s not really "satisfaction" seeing all the new stuff fail as much as it’s "Well, we all told you so" in depressed resignation, and that’s no fun. This is 100% all the chickens coming home to roost because they didn’t create new stars when they could have and they spent all their time trying to get Roman Reigns over at the expense of everyone else on the damn roster, and they made sure everyone but John Cena and Brock Lesnar are 50/50 geeks. So now they’re at a 1.8 for RAW and falling.​