Braum = Lesnar Schedule

Hi Scott,

Here’s an idea: instead of having Braum go the normal monster heel route up the card ’til he hits Reigns then back down, why not make him another Lesnar. He’s only going to get more exposed the more he wrestles. This would make him more special than this jobber squash retread.

You could basically have him do the 911 schtick where he comes out at random times, beats the piss out of someone, then leaves. Every now and again this becomes a feud but sometimes it’s just the other guy going, "Dang, I don’t wanna fight that guy!" Eventually, you have a Brock/Braum showdown and the best part about that, is that Braum is possibly the one guy I’d believe taking Brock.


​I think you’re on the right track, but they should implement an even MORE exclusive schedule for him, where he never appears on TV or PPV or house shows, and they never talk about him on TV or pay him for working. And then he goes to find another job in a field totally unrelated to wrestling.

They’ll make MILLIONS.​