TV Timing of CWC and Main product

> Good Evening Mr. Keith. Now that the CWC is over in all its glorious, one thing I couldn’t help noticed week in and week out. The episodes fly by. Hour long episodes of (usually) 2 matches around 15 mins, which leaves plenty time for promos, video packages, etc etc, and No Commercials, and I get surprised when the commentary mentions "we’re 10 mins into this match…" and I’m thinking the match just started. These things are a breeze. Major Kudos to the editing and production team.
> Having said that, and even though it’s edited, do you think it’s time the main programs find out about the Network, and actually watches it for the tips on how to keep a show rolling? I don’t watch Raw or Smackdown because 30 minutes in I’ve already feel like its a chore to sit through anymore. Same things could easily be said for the ppvs. And it hasn’t changed in many, many years.
> World Cup of Hockey: Are you rooting more for Canada or Team North America?

Team North America is such a weird concept. Canada all the way.

As for the shows, Kevin Dunn is 90% of the presentation problem, with his style that hasn’t changed in 20 years. Any time they get away from him, like NXT or the CWC, it’s an immediate improvement.