Favorite finishing sequence?

Hi Papa Smark!

Was playing 2k16 last night, doing Austin’s "story mode" they animated the finish to Austin/Michaels from WM14, which is probably one of my favorite finishing sequences of all time. Bret/Owen from WMX is also a favorite, mostly because of the expression on Owen’s face that is about as shocked as everyone else in the building.

A quick aside, who thought it was a good idea to show Andre on crutches during the Bushwhackers/Natural Disasters match? I’m all for recreating moments of history in a game, but this seemed a bit excessive. I mean, someone had to make the decision to approve this, get someone to design and animate the cripple crutches, and put it all in the game for all of five minutes. They do this, but instead of tossing a bit of cash at Mike Tyson, they have a generic guy in a DX t-shirt and call him "The Enforcer." Wow.

Anyway, after that digression, do you have any finishing sequences from matches that especially stand out or are favorites?


PS – Love the Foghorn Leghorn memes.

​Everyone loves Foghorn Leghorn. Thanks for the Google Play cards, by the way, I used them to buy the Harry Potter HD collection for my kid, who is now devouring them. God damn Dolores Umbrage, what a bitch.

​It’s interesting that older sequences stand out so much now that the whole deal is complex reversals and re-reversals leading to the finish. My personal favorite is still Savage grabbing the ringbell at WM3, Steele pushing him off, Savage getting pissed off and distracted at having his evil plan foiled, and then slamming Steamboat only to get rolled up and pinned. Just perfection, and didn’t need tons of wacky reversals.