Friends questions

Hello Scott,
I binged the first 3 Friends seasons for the past weeks, always enjoyed the series when I watched an episode here and there, but far from one of my favorite shows (Community and Parks&Rec perfected the formula for me)


It’s kind of funny because it ends up on the TV at work all the time, and now there’s this whole new generation who are discovering it via Netflix without living through it. 

Since I know you’re a big Friends mark, please tell me…

1) your favorite main character?


Started out as Chandler, ended up as Joey. 

2) your favorite side character?


Always enjoyed the dry humor of Gunther. 

3) your least favorite main character?


Whiny post-Emily fiasco Ross.  Never really redeemed himself with me. 

4) your favorite episode?


Tie between The One With All the Embryos (aka the game show episode) and The One Where They All Find Out (aka Phoebe messes with Chandler over the Monica affair)

5) your least favorite episode?


The one where Phoebe thinks her mom has been reincarnated as a cat.  It’s just so preachy and assumes that you somehow have to be obligated to respect ANY stupid beliefs, no matter how pushy the person is being.  Honorable mention to the giant mess of cameos that was the Super Bowl episode. 

6) your favorite season?


Fourth one.  Really where they were hitting their stride. 


7) your least favorite season?


Tenth.  Just lasted too long and too many subplots that were no longer relatable, like Rachel moving to Paris and Chandler becoming a high powered ad exec and trying to adopt a baby. 

8) your favorite moment/gag?


Joey wearing ALL of Chandler’s clothes.  Honorable mention to “What is Chandler’s job?” as the payoff of the game show episode and also a payoff of a long running gag in the series to date. 

9) your favorite storyline/arc?

The initial Chandler-Monica relationship before he became completely whipped. 

10) who’s the hottest actress on the show?

Classic era Aniston.