‘British Bulldog’ ownership


I’ve been following both your observer recaps and those of other online posters, and I’ve continued to be interested in the disputes over ownership of a gimmick.

My question today is regarding ‘British Bulldog’. I remember reading somewhere that back when they were a team, Davey Boy actually trademarked the British bulldog name which led to Dynamite not being able to use the name after they split. In an observer recap from 93, there’s a comment about WWF owning the name, and it reminded be that Davey didn’t use the British Bulldog name during his wcw run.

I was interested in how wwf came to own the name if Davey boy already had the rights to it. Did they get it due to his contract at the time? Or was it a case of ‘claiming’ something that wasn’t actually true? Was the situation ever settled? I don’t recall if Davey boy used his name or Bulldog during his post-Montreal wcw run.

As always, any info or historical context you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Davey definitely owned the British Bulldog name himself and somehow got it away from the Titan legal team, because he was definitely the Bulldog in WCW in 93 and then again when he returned in 97. Plus he’s British Bulldog in the WCW Revenge N64 game, so he would have to own the name to be able to license it for videogames.