Bam Bam, The Fantastics , Turner/JCP

I watched some 1988 NWA the other day on the Double Double E Network and had a few questions: 1. What was the plan with Bigelow coming in? Was there one? Short little house show loop putting Flair over? Personally I would’ve used him as a monster heel against Luger or Sting. 2. What was the deal with The Fantastics? Were they brought in as a replacement for the RnR Express? Where did they go after? 3. The Turner buyout of JCP; When did it happen? For what price? Outright buyout or was Turner slowly buying in over time and Crockett just ran out of money and was put to the side?

​1. They didn’t have time to have a plan because they brought him in and the relationship fell apart immediately anyway.

2. They were indeed a replacement for the RNR, and I thought they did good in the role, but unfortunately they came around to JCP at a time when the territorial system and in particular ​the audience for "pretty boy" tag teams was dying off. They pretty much split up after Crockett and Bobby Fulton teamed with his cousin Jackie instead around the indy scene.

3. The Turner buyout happened in August of 88, although the numbers are complicated because of all of Crockett’s debts, but it was roughly a couple of million.