The One Man Brand!

Can we all agree that Heath Slater won the Brand Extension?

Think about it, he was on BOTH shows for a few weeks getting serious screen time. He’s gotten a tonne of exposure, a push, a title run, a character that’s connecting with the fanbase and a whomp-ass T-Shirt ("I Got Kids" is the best catchphrase ever). To put it another way "Creative has something for him". Half the roster would kill for just one of those things.

Even if he was fired tomorrow, he could work the indies into his 50’s in some variation of the <Insert Number Here> Man Band gimmick.

​I actually think a t-shirt with "Creative has something for me!" would be the best thing ever. Although it’s kind of dangerous to be the guy who ends up as the pet project of the writers, because once they (read: Vince) loses interest in you, then you get Sandow’d. But I’m glad for Slater and hope he cashes in while he can.​