Quickfire Questions for Ze Blog of Doooooom!

1) What happens to the old/unused title sideplates? Are they just archived, or do the wrestlers get to keep them?

2) In your opinion, will Nakamura be called up to the main roster before the end of the year? Which brand?

3) Daniel Bryan has to choose an ‘indie darling’ who is currently not in NXT or WWE to face Miz – who do you pick as his representative?

4) Will Bray Wyatt ultimately go down as a massive waste of potential due to ridiculous booking?

5) How long til a Shield reunion, with all three members now ‘robbed’ of their titles?

6) How long left in New Day?


​1. Everything is archived. Haven’t you ever seen the warehouse shows on YouTube? It’s pretty crazy. They probably get to keep a replica, though.

2. Probably not until next year now, but definitely Smackdown.

3. Does Broken Matt Hardy count?

4. Yup.

5. Wrestlemania, I bet.

6. At this point they pretty much have to beat Demolition’s reign, so at least three months.​